MATERNITY CLOTHES?  of course! so comfy! But I can still get away with some stretchy/low rider non-preggo options πŸ™‚
SLEEP:  terrible with a capital T! Little man #2 is a mover!! and he loves to be active at night
STRETCH MARKS?: nopeBEST MOMENT:  We took our camper out again this past weekend to hunt with Dustin and it’s so nice to get away, and spend time with the family. Breck loved being outside, although he got scared (and mom too) of the moose that came running through our campsite. Good thing I was packing heat!! lolMISS ANYTHING?  not really. I miss sleeping well at night. and maybe being able to move faster. I’m getting slow these days.MOVEMENT:  so so much!!! Especially at night!
  not really. the occasional hot beverage but I can have hot chocolate so there’s a bonus
  nothing, which is nice!GENDER: lil dude
LABOR SIGNS:  nope but contractions are picking up a bit. I can tell I’m getting ready. still need to hold on for a few more weeks thoughSYMPTOMS:  feeling much more energized this week. although, my energy doesn’t last as long as it used to. and I need more breaks πŸ™‚INNIE OR OUTIE? OutieMOOD: getting so excited. things are falling into place. the nursery will be done soon! i finally get to “nest” and get all his clothes organized and get the playroom ready!EXCITED FOR: getting the baby’s room ready!!!!! Our carpets are getting installed today so I’m SO SO SO excited to finally move some furniture in, get the playroom ready for our boys and get the nursery organized!!!! We’re heading out tonight for a celebration supper since we are FINALLY done with all the major renovations!!! D-train has been working SO hard – with the help of many friends/family/brothers – and he deserves a break. It will be so nice to be able to enjoy our evenings now!!!!! I HAVE THE BEST HUBBY!!!

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