Gift giving is fun for so many reasons but can be stressful also. Finding the perfect gift that will be utilized, loved and adored can be a daunting task, especially for finicky toddlers. How do you decide what’s trash or treasure? Well, take a breath and let us help! Our experts have complied a list of our Best Xmas Gift Ideas for your Toddler this Holiday season. Scroll for more!

Best Xmas Gift Ideas for your Toddler – 2023 Holiday Edition

Modular Foam Blocks

These Modular Sofa Foam Blocks are such a craze right now that never gets old! This 8-piece set will inspire creativity and encourage your little learner to crawl, jump, lounge or play! The options are endless. Create, tear down and start over! They’ll have a blast with this machine-washable and eco-friendly product.

Strider Bike

I can’t say enough about this Balance Bike by Strider. It helps your toddler work on balance, coordination and let’s them adventure on their own terms. The removable rocking base allows them to work on balance and movement without the fear of tipping over and when they’re ready, can transition to full movements. These balance bikes will have them transitioning to a pedal bike in no time!

Kinetic Sand

This Kinetic Sand Kit by National Geographic is guaranteed to entertain your kiddo for HOURS! SIX pounds of sand, THREE colors and SIX moulds will send your toddler’s senses sky high! They can create shapes, castles and build endless designs with this non-toxic and mess free kit.

Magnet Tiles

These Magnet Tiles by Picasso Tiles are another home run this holiday season. Your littles can create, rebuild and let their imagination run wild. Such a great tool to inspire creativity and keep them busy for hours on end.

Remote Control Vehicle

This Remote Control Vehicle Set by Prextex will delight and entertain your toddler this season. The cartoon like characters are removable and the large steering wheel has only 2 buttons to navigate their first remote controlled vehicle!

Subscription Learning Box

These Learning Subscription Crates by KiwiCo will be the highlight of their Holiday gifts. Designed to stimulate and improve skills for a variety of ages and developmental milestones, the crates feature several activities specifically designed to entertain and inspire. The Panda Crate challenges your 0-36 month old with 6-10 unique skills. The Koala Crate, designed for ages 3-4, includes science experiments, stimulates play and creative learning.

Personalized Book

These unique Personalized Books by Wonderbly are always my holiday and gift-giving go-to! They have books catered to all ages and take your child on a adventure to find their name, gain inner strength or see into their future. Read classic nursery rhymes with new characters (hint: your toddler) and drift off to sleep together. BONUS: Use code LITTLEBUNDLE to save 25% OFF 2 or more books to start your toddler’s library.

Toddler Backpack

This little Toddler Backpack by Deuter is ridiculously cute yet made to last with high quality materials. Your little adventurer can explore while keeping their belongings neatly tucked away. The back panel and padded straps are ventilated to help keep them cool. This little tiger is only one of many adorable designs and is the perfect gift for your toddler this holiday season.

Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

This storage solution is genius!! Allow your toddler to keep all their extra stuffed animals, blankets, etc in this Canvas Stuffed Animal Storage Bag and add some great seating at the same time. The stuffed bag provides a soft place to land or a quiet rest spot to check out their favorite book. Say goodbye to clutter with this parenting win this holiday season.

Amazon Echo Dot – Kids Edition

This is a great gift for the toddler in your life. The Echo Dot Kids Edition by Amazon is an interactive learning tool designed with your child in mind. Your toddler can set timers, develop independence by setting their own alarms, can have story time, learn new jokes and even get help with homework! The parental controls and kid filters allow you to only stream educational and age appropriate content on your child’s device. There are so many cool things this Dot can do! MOM TIP: Pair it with the Echo Glow for a perfect bedtime routine!


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