Pregnancy Blog Week 32 – You’re Still Pregnant!?

Can you believe you made it to week 32? Remember 20 weeks ago when you were just telling everyone your exciting news! I am sure that feels like a lifetime away for you. 

While most people who just see you on a semi-regular basis make comments like, “Wow! This has really gone by so quickly for you, I am sure!” I have no idea why people ever feel the need to make comments to pregnant women besides “What can I get you to eat or drink?” and/or “Who is your massage therapist? Here is a gift card with the tip included.” 

The worst one I got is “You’re STILL pregnant?!” I’m like, oh hey would you look at that! I am still pregnant! Sherlock over here has such great detective skills! Are you using your power to fight crime or annoy pregnant women?

Something else to consider with baby potentially coming soon, is how you would like your delivery to go. Who would you like in the room with you? Do you have a birth plan? Make sure you communicate with your doctor about your questions/comments/expectations ahead of time. 

I do have (unsolicited) advice about a birth plan…which I received from my mother in law who happened to be a labor and delivery nurse for 28 years, and it is: having a birth plan is fine, but keep an open mind and do not expect it to go exactly as planned. What is your primary goal of labor and delivery? For you and baby to make it out healthy, perhaps? 

If you have a plan, and your labor/delivery story ends up being the complete opposite, you may have a tendency to feel like you failed in a way. But you did not. Keep an open mind, know your preferences when asked, and do the best you can with what is available to you for keeping you and little bundle healthy. There is my advice. I will never give you advice again, I promise. Haha, totally kidding. 

What is baby up to this week? Has fingernails, toenails, peach fuzz (or working on lots of hair!), and will gain about a half pound a week now (or 1/2 of her body weight) these last 8 weeks!

Tip of the week: You may be experiencing heart burn, shortness of breath, and getting up to go to the bathroom lots at night. Prop yourself up on a pillow, create a comfortable environment so you can at least be relaxed if you can’t sleep, and contact your midwife or doctor with any questions!

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