Pregnancy Blog Week 33 – Hi, My Name Is…

“What are you going to name your baby?” It is seriously the question I die to know but will never ask a pregnant lady because I know how annoying it is. I had all the answers before I actually became pregnant and had the responsibility of giving a child a name for the rest of her life. 

Do we go with unique, spunky, and trendy or timeless, meaningful, family oriented? It is a really tough decision. There are people who need to see baby first, and then there are people who were dead set on a name from day one and baby has had a hashtag since week 12. Then, there are those babies who are named “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” for their first week of life and actually has a really good ring to it. I have added a couple links below if you and your spouse are needing some inspiration 🙂 



What is baby up to? He is losing the loose skin/alien look and his bones are hardening!

Tip of the week: Wash all those baby clothes, blankets, swaddles you have received or bought!

Product of the week: These are often overlooked or deemed unnecessary since you can find these readily available in your home already. BUT, the baby versions are softer, cuter and more fit to size, making this evening routine less daunting. CLICK HERE to view the item of the week. 

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