Pregnancy Blog Week 35 – REST…While You Still Can!

Is it possible to lay right next to someone and still miss them? No, this is not a line from some love story (as far as I am aware) nor is it a Greek tragedy. It is raising babies. Last night, as we transitioned my toddler into her big girl bed since her crib is about to be handed down, I realized how quickly it goes. I was laying by her in her new bed, in her Grand Dockatot (which makes a great body pillow for Moms I found out), and watched her chest slowly rise and fall, watched her eyelids flutter, and she looked like her baby self again. I felt this overwhelming need to cry about how much she has grown. 

The newborn phase is tough, but comes to an end. The crawling phase, the walking phase, and now the talking and becoming a “big girl” phase, I was reminiscing on these milestones we have hit with my little girl and can’t help but not want her to grow up. 

What does this have to do with week 35? Absolutely nothing, but hoping you cherish these last few weeks of carrying your child this close to your heart…among the misery and hugeness of being 35 weeks….because eventually they do grow up, and you will want this moment back!

What is your wee one up to this week? Lungs are almost fully developed and they’re becoming chubberzzz! Love the baby chub.

Tip of the week: What my advice will probably be the next five-seven weeks. Rest (I know sleep is next to impossible), but find things to do you enjoy and pamper yourself and make sure you have all the rest of the necessary baby gear you need/want.

Product of the week: I mentioned it above, and would not have a child without one! They come in two sizes: Deluxe for the newbies (0-8 months) and Grand (9-36+ months). It’s a CAN’T-LIVE-WITHOUT kind of thing. CLICK HERE to view this GAME-CHANGER item. 

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