Pregnancy Blog Week 37 – FULL TERM, MOFOS!

FULL TERM, MOFOS! Traditionally, 37 weeks has been considered full term, however, doctors would still consider you early. These days, 39-40 weeks would be full term, and 41-42 would be post term (also known as emotional turmoil). BUT, if you had baby today, everything would be a-ok 🙂 which is a super exciting and relieving thought. SO! My advice for you: Get your hospital bag ready!! 

Every woman is different when it comes to necessities, but I will list a few things to consider, as well as essentials. *You will be in pictures. I know, not super appealing, but it is reality…and looking back, I wish I would have more pictures in the hospital at this time because it goes so quickly and is such a blur. 

———Bring bathroom supplies, take advantage of the shower they offer and feel good about yourself. One huge piece of advice: being comfortable and feeling presentable is not selfish, it helps you feel more yourself thus more relaxed to begin the motherhood journey. *You will not shrink immediately once baby exits the building (you’re the building).

 ——–Bring comfy clothes, but loose clothes you will feel good in. You will probably be in maternity clothes for a few weeks (or if you’re like me lots of weeks) following delivery.*You may be there several days and longer than expected (no one wants to plan for an emergency c-section, but it is a reality for some women). 

——–Bring lots of clothes. *You have the potential of being emotional and missing home. 

——–Bring a pillow, blanket, music, oils, things that relax you and make you feel comfortable. 

Essentials for mom: toiletries-wallet (w/ license, insurance info, anything the hospital gave you to fill out) – phone (tablet), chargers – camera-clothes (nursing tanks, bras, robes, cardigans and yoga pants) – COMFY UNDIES – snacks you like (unless you love hospital food or have an awesome family who brings you lots of take out)

Essentials for dad: a couple change of outfits (advantage for men is they can run home if needed) – pajamas (if your huz sleeps in da buff or just undies, he may want to consider bringing shorts and a comfy shirt) – phone and charger – snacks – toiletries

Essentials for baby: a few comfy outfits – car seat-swaddles – blankets – hats – diapers (if you’re picky about the brand – the hospital will provide you with diapers and might even send you home with some, and wipes! SCORE!)

What is pipsqueak up to anyway? Becoming rounder and less wrinkly!

Product of the week: CLICK HERE to see our FAVORITE! We love these because of their NON-ZIPPER/NON-BUTTON options. They have magnets to close, guys! Let’s face it, pulling a tight onesie over the head of a newborn sounds less attractive than swimming with sharks.

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