TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -3 lbs. Booyah! But really it’s all bloating and water weight. Just wait…
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  No and thank goodness for that. I have a feeling that I’ll be bigger than ever! I did go out and buy some though…too early?
SLEEP:  Not too bad really. I’m actually surprised. Although, I’ve been LOVING my sleep lately. Even napping! 
BEST MOMENT:  Putting a “#1 brother” shirt on Breck πŸ™‚  
MISS ANYTHING?  Surprisingly, no.MOVEMENT:  Nope
  Nope (boring, I know) 
  Missing a meal, or a delayed meal. Or shredded chicken… 
GENDER:  Won’t find out for awhile. 
SYMPTOMS:  Extreme fatigue. Probably doesn’t help that I’m chasing around a little guy now, instead of relaxing, playing on Pinterest, eating bonbons haha 
INNIE OR OUTIE? In (does anyone even care about this?) 
MOOD:  Weird. Tired. Excited. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions this time. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off – all.the.time. Hopefully that passes but we might have a lil miss drama queen in the making πŸ™‚ (and by that I mean baby – not me!) lol 
EXCITED FOR: Telling people! So hard keeping secrets! Why do we always find out right away? Argh!

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