TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  0 lbs The entire Rising clan has been sicker than dogs with everything from stomach bugs, to sinus congestion and headaches :(
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Nope, still able to rock the regular clothes. Hopefully that lasts for awhile!
SLEEP:  So much better!! Only waking up a few times per night now, if any! Things are looking up.
STRETCH MARKS?: Nope. Didn’t with Breck. I hope it’s the same with baby #2.
BEST MOMENT:  My family is here to visit!!!! AND Dustin is starting this pregnancy off right by being SUPER manly and providing for the family already…and it’s not even hunting season…..AND it was LEGAL! He was able to bring home a cow elk the other day, with the help of my brother after a long day of sledding. Looks like no one is going hungry this year! 
MISS ANYTHING?: I’m actually missing having a cold adult beverage. We’ve had some exciting weeks and I’d love to be able to ‘celebrate’. BUT I have been loving the Izzie drinks and sparkling juices :) MOVEMENT:  Nope
 Nothing this week…
  Almost everything….things might seem great at first…then BAM! the ick factor sets in and I can’t finish my meal :( sad day for Rach!
GENDER:  Not sure….
SYMPTOMS:  Still more tired that I thought was possible, I’m starting to think that I have mono!! Although now Dustin gets a nap buddy!
MOOD:  Still weird lol Is weird even a mood? I feel off, tired, scattered…
EXCITED FOR: Telling more people!!! SO SO Hard keeping secrets!

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