TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -2 lbs. It’s been a really weird few weeks. A lot of ups and downs – weight wise
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Sometimes, when I don’t wanna suck in the bloating lol
SLEEP:  better really. which is niceBEST MOMENT:  this week has been nice just spending time with the family. We took it easy, had a dinner party, took some walks….nice and relaxingMISS ANYTHING?: I miss energy stillMOVEMENT:  nope
 not really this week
  getting back on trackGENDER:  we’ll find out in June 🙂 the countdown is onLABOR SIGNS:  NopeSYMPTOMS:  better this week. more energy, not as moody….1st trimester is almost over!INNIE OR OUTIE? innieMOOD:  happy, excitedEXCITED FOR: The heartbeat tomorrow! Our appointment on Friday got rescheduled so tomorrow is the day! So excited. It always makes it more real also to hear a little human growing away 🙂

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