TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -1lbs from starting weight. Weird how I weigh less than I did with Breck but seem to show more!?! lol
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Sometimes. Oh the freedom of wearing fat pants! lol
SLEEP:  so much better. still having weird dreams but nowhere near as crazy as before. BEST MOMENT:  We had a double bday party yesterday and so Dustin and Brecken had some man time and went to the hot springs to celebrate one party while I worked at Bibs. It was super busy at the store so Dustin was in charge of packing all of Breck’s stuff on his own. Once they got back, Dustin asked me if there’s always a snow storm after he swims. “Snow storm?” I ask him. So apparently, Dustin didn’t realize that Brecken’s board short (swim suit) had a built in swim diaper…so he added a regular disposable diaper underneath. He failed to notice at first that Brecken’s shorts were about to bust off of him because of the pressure of his swelling diaper. He eventually takes B out, changes him and the diaper completely disintegrates, leaving a pile of gell and fluff everywhere in the change room. A few concerned swimmers comment and Dustin says the mess was there when he got there!!!!! HAHAHAHA Father-son teaching moment I guess!!!MISS ANYTHING?: not really. doing really good this weekMOVEMENT:  nope
  spinach and mushrooms. weird right?GENDER:  not sureLABOR SIGNS:  nopeSYMPTOMS:  some occasional nausea and fatigue but what a difference the second trimester makesINNIE OR OUTIE?  innie…for nowMOOD:  weirdEXCITED FOR: Building our addition!! Architect is working on our plans as we speak and Nick (my little bro) will be here in a few weeks to start working on it! woot woot to more space…so much more room for activities!

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