TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +2lbs. Progress 🙂
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Mostly preggo pants, although yoga pants still fit…and jeggings lol
SLEEP:  Sadly, we’re back to awful sleep. I toss and turn and have the weirdest dreams….
STRETCH MARKS?: Nope. Lucky me 🙂
BEST MOMENT:  The Immigration Celebration Part Deux!! So a few years ago, when I got my condition permanent resident card (instead of being an alien), our amazing friends threw me an immigration party to welcome me to the USA. We dressed up as American as we could and ate all the American food! It was a blast. So this year, now that I’m a permanent resident, and one step closer to becoming a citizen, we threw another immigration party.

As per custom, we dressed up in our most patriotic of outfits and celebrated the good ole US of A! Breck even got to participate and sported a ladies man shirt, camp (of course) and patriotic robe. He walked all over the fields looking like a cross between harry potter and yoda!! We never stop being proud of him, especially after he rocks out with the adults at our gatherings. Oh the stories Breck for when you’re older….
MISS ANYTHING?  Not really..MOVEMENT:  Every once in awhile I feel a little something but still waiting for that first moment
  Hot dogs..what is wrong with me?
  Should be hot dogs but sadly no, I crave them…although I have been buying the “all beef” franks….
GENDER:  Still leaning towards girl but I’m taking bets….we find out in a few weeks!
SYMPTOMS:  Back to being tired,…but I figured following a toddler around while he explores fields is good reason to be tired.
INNIE OR OUTIE? Half and half
MOOD:  I’m feeling normal these days. Kinda like myself again. Just tired version of me.
EXCITED FOR: I feel like a broken record but…the ultrasound!!!!!! only 2 more weeks now until we find out if baby riso is pink or blue 🙂 Then the shopping and planning really begin!

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