TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 13lbs (still wondering why I make this info public? lol don’t be surprised if i stop posting my weight)
SLEEP:  much better!
STRETCH MARKS?: nope 🙂 lucky me!BEST MOMENT:  this past weekend, we got to go hang out at the lake with some friends and being away with no time limit was AMAZING!!! so nice to play it by ear, not have stuff to get back to right away!! nothing beats family time 🙂MISS ANYTHING?  since it’s been b-e-a-utiful, i’m definitely missing soaking up some sun with an ice cold summer shandy. just lemonade for me, for a little while longerMOVEMENT:  all the time. he’s a squirmy little boy
  fruit. yummy!
  so far so good. nothing is throwing me offGENDER: little boy rising #2
LABOR SIGNS:  nopeSYMPTOMS:  sooo hot!!!! preggo rach is not a huge fan of 90 degree weather lolINNIE OR OUTIE? outie!MOOD:  so excited!! I’ve been planning the nursery set up, picking out furniture, colors, accessories!! can’t wait to put it all together! stay tuned for pics! don’t hold your breath though, might take awhile lolEXCITED FOR: our addition to be done!! so i can start decorating the nursery!

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