TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +13 lbs…up and down….
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  yep and I’ve been loving skirts lately (or dresses – as dustin calls them..because they’re long haha)
SLEEP:  starting to go downhill…fast….
STRETCH MARKS?: nopeBEST MOMENT:  my lil brother Nick moved out to MT this week!!! so excited to have family in town now too!!MISS ANYTHING?  feeling comfortable….i guess your body remembers what it needs to do and goes there faster lolMOVEMENT:  all the time. dustin and breck have both been kicked lol
  ice cream…so cold and creamy!
  nothingGENDER: baby boy…and we need names…so go!!!
LABOR SIGNS:  nope and hopefully not for awhileSYMPTOMS:  tired, sore, achy, over it….exhausted..INNIE OR OUTIE? outie!MOOD:  emotional, lazy…..
EXCITED FOR: heading back to ND to see some family and bring our new boat back…i’m on a boat!!!

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