MATERNITY CLOTHES?  yep, doubt that will change in the next few weeks. although, thanks to Ross and extra long tees, I can get away with non-preggo tops πŸ™‚
SLEEP:  HORRIBLE!!!!!! STOP MOVING LITTLE BABY!!! Oh man! This kid is a mover and a shaker. We might have our work cut out for us when he makes his appearance!!
STRETCH MARKS?: nope πŸ™‚BEST MOMENT:  So my big Bday was this past Friday and my hubby did what all (or at least I think all) people wish for at some point……He got me A NEW CAR!!!! I have been dying for an Acadia to accomodate our ever growing family and he scored HUGE brownie points and completely surprised me!!!! Of course, I balled like a little baby……how mean of him, playing with a preggo’s emotions hahaha It is SO AMAZING!!! I’ve been driving around like a baller all week!!!MISS ANYTHING?  Not really but I’m really looking forward to a celebratory glass of wine (or two) once little man gets hereMOVEMENT:  Too much!!! Although, I love feeling him have a party in there!
  nothing really…cereal but that’s boring
  nothingGENDER: little bow blue
LABOR SIGNS:  no labor signs yet but definitely getting more and more contractions. won’t be long now!SYMPTOMS:  not too bad this week. feeling pretty INNIE OR OUTIE? outie. and seriously if I get one more random comment from a stranger regarding my “large bug bite”, I will lose it!MOOD: excited to meet our new little man. EXCITED FOR: see above! lol excited for baby #2 to get here. excited for our families to get here. 

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