MATERNITY CLOTHES?  is the sky blue? lol
SLEEP: So bad!!! between pee breaks, contractions, baby moving, hot flashes…..it’s SO BAD!!! actually looking forward to him being here so i at least get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep!
STRETCH MARKS?: nopeBEST MOMENT:  Dustin and I (and some friends) took B-man to the Alpaca open house this past weekend and he LOVED it! We got to walk around amongst the animals, pet them, feed them. It was so cool!! Breck kept saying they were soft like kitties hahah We’ve been rocking the family adventures and Breck is just soaking it all in!!!MISS ANYTHING?  a good night’s sleep!! is that so much to ask before baby gets here? MOVEMENT:  SO SO MUCH!!!! He’s so crazy in there!
  nothingGENDER: boy oh boy
LABOR SIGNS:  some contractions, nothing crazy, but I can tell we’re getting close. SYMPTOMS:  kinda boring this week. I can tell when I’ve been working too hard and the contractions increase and the cramping but other than that doing good. some calf cramps at night, which suck, but nothing too terrible…aside from feeling like a whale!! lolINNIE OR OUTIE? outie. seriously, who cares? MOOD: excited for what’s to come. we’re getting SO CLOSE! my nesting instinct has fully kicked in. nursery is done, small projects are getting checked off. EXCITED FOR: obviously for the baby to get here BUT…..my amazing girlfriends are throwing me a “baby shower” this wednesday. I refused a traditional baby shower for multiple reasons, the major one being as though I have everything and I own a baby store lol….so we are doing a surprise outing!!!! I was told to be hungry and look cute when my ride comes to pick me up :) I CANNOT wait!!!

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