MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Of course! although I’m happy to admit that my rubber band on the fly trick has allowed me to wear my non-preggo jeans up until now!!! it might not be the most comfortable when I sit but at least I look “skinny” while standing lol
SLEEP: what is sleep? man, this past week, I’ve been up late, up during the night at all hours…it sucks. although it’s probably my body preparing for being up with a little kiddo soon…
STRETCH MARKS?: nopeBEST MOMENT:   this week, we got to spend some time with the outlaw side of the family and it was so nice just watching football and having nothing to do…I can get used to those days 🙂 Go Vikes! (although you suck this year, like most years….maybe it’s time for a new team?)MISS ANYTHING?  a good night’s sleep which i’m sure won’t happen for awhile now 🙂MOVEMENT:  this little man is Strong!!!! it looks like an alien is attempting to bust it’s way out through my belly button! I tried taking a picture last night of what I think was a foot and it turned out creepy and gross…so i will not be sharing lol
 hot tea or a hot beverage with whipped cream on top 🙂 mmmm so comforting
  doing good again this week…nothing is grossing me out except for my photography skills hahah although, looking back at Breck’s pregnancy journal, I vowed to never wear certain outfits again…and haven’t….but then looking at today’s shirt….maybe this one should be outlawed too hahahahGENDER:  boy still…i hope
LABOR SIGNS:   getting more and more contractions….prepping for the big event..nothing consistent yet thoughSYMPTOMS:   extreme tiredness!!!!!!!!INNIE OR OUTIE? outie for a long time!MOOD:  tired but so ready and excited to meet the little man and see how Brecken feels about him 🙂EXCITED FOR: the big day!!! I can’t believe he’ll be here soon!!!!

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