Is the Doona a Car Seat or a Stroller?

If you’ve been following social media lately, you’re seen the Doona car seat EVERYWHERE! But what is it? It looks like a car seat and a stroller. And that’s exactly what it is – a car seat that transforms into a stroller!  

The Doona is revolutionary and is like no other car seat on the market today. Its patented technology allows for hide-away wheels and a stroller frame that simply tuck inside the base of the seat when not in use. It’s seriously so easy! With the push of a button, the wheels and frame glide out. Your car seat is then transformed into a stroller for those on-the-go families.

It definitely looks confusing and daunting but once you try it out for yourself, you’ll never go back to lugging around those heavy infant seats again.

So let’s talk about this for a minute…..

Is the Doona Car Seat Safe?

The Doona has gone through a multitude of testing to obtain its credentialing in the USA and Europe and is now a certified stroller, infant car seat and hand-held carrier. It is also certified for airplane use.

The Doona infant car seat meets and exceeds all highway safety standards and has undergone additional testing at the Simple Parenting Testing Facility. Additional tests included collision testing using a 3-year old dummy, under icy conditions and at high speeds.

The Doona also includes an infant insert to protect their fragile necks and provide proper support to their head while in the the car and on the go. Let’s breakdown all the safety measures:

  • Highest Standards: The Doona infant seat has been tested rigorously to meet the strictest US standards for car seats, strollers AND hand-held carriers.
  • Testing Strategy: Doona undergoes testing that is above and beyond the legal requirement to minimize consumer error, verify durability over time and to ensure the highest standard of safety.
  • Anti-Rebound Bar: The Doona infant seat’s handle doubles as an anti-rebound bar, reducing injuries in the event of a collision.
  • Approved for Airplane Use
  • Fail-Safe Mechanisms: Doona’s team of engineers added multiple fail-safe mechanisms to reduce injury and ensure proper function of the seat. Things like unintentional folding, hasty extension of the carry handle and rotation of the handle, among many others.
  • 5-Point Harness: The harness distributes the force of a collision across the child’s bony structures, reducing risk of injury.
  • Side-Impact Protection: The Doona offers 2 layers of side impact protection to offer that extra little peace of mind when a collision occurs.
    Baby-Safe Materials: All materials used in the construction of the infant seat are tested for durability, quality and are free of hazardous materials.

What Size Child Fits in a Doona?

The Doona seat is compatible for infants from 4-35 pounds and up to 32”.

How Does The Car Seat Transform Into a Stroller?

The Doona is designed to transform into a stroller with the push of a button. The handle adjusts from a carry position to a stroller handle and extends for a more ergonomic and comfortable position. The button is located near the rear of the seat and extends the frame and wheels out.

Can I Add Accessories to my Doona?

The Doona comes with 1 base and can be complemented with a variety of accessories to ensure that you are ready for anything while on the go.

Accessories include several attachable diaper bag options, a snap-on storage case, a travel bag, rain cover, sunshade, insect net, vehicle seat protector, wheel covers and additional bases for easy installation in more than one vehicle.

These car seats are taking over and for a good reason! See how a little bit of convenience goes a long way when it comes to being a parent!

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