We know that more often than not getting pregnant is the tough part, so we have come up with an EASY list of the baby must haves for this year.   Now that you’re pregnant, you realized that there is SO MUCH baby stuff out there. How do you decide which items you need and what to research? You have Nana telling you one thing, your cousin telling you the complete opposite and every friend you have putting in their two cents!

Let us ease your mind, and help you decipher the world of baby gear – we are the experts after all!  Keep reading for a list of our TOP 11 BABY MUST HAVES FOR NEW PARENTS.



The DockATot sleep system has quickly become a must-have for any parent and is taking over the market by storm! Its revolutionary design mimics the womb and creates a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for baby both while at play and during naps/bedtime. It is portable so it’s great for families on the go and provides a safe resting place for baby while co-sleeping.


Parents are even noticing that thanks to DockATot, their littles are sleeping much more soundly and in longer stretches – many are even sleeping through the night at only a few months of age!!


Here in Montana, it is easy to find a beautiful place to explore. Sometimes, your new stroller won’t allow you to take your baby up your favorite hiking trail. Do not worry, we have a solution. The ErgoBaby Omni Carrier is the all around baby carrier. It fits all shapes and sizes, and your baby feels secure at all times. If you’d rather ditch the hiking boots and go shopping for some slick leather boots, the ErgoBaby will be your best friend.

ergobaby omni baby carrier top must have

Instead of lugging the stroller out of the car, you can just strap on your ErgoBaby carrier and go.  The Omni is suitable for children 7 – 45lbs (0 – 48 months) and does not require an infant insert for newborns.


Did you know that new mothers breast feed 6 – 8 hours a day? With a high quality nursing chair, you’ll have the lumbar support and comfort you need to feed your tiny human all those hours every day. With reinforced low back support and easy to clean fabric, these chairs are designed for nursing mothers.

babyletto kiwi glider recliner nursing chair

Some swivel, some rock, and some do both. Not only that, but these chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever sit your tush in.


There are many options here from infant seat, to convertible to all-in-one car seat. An infant seat is ideal though because you can transform it into a travel system on your favorite stroller or keep baby snoozing while out running errands. Right now, we love the Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant car seat for many reasons. Most importantly, it scored 5 stars on in ALL categories established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Categories included: Evaluation of Labelling, Evaluation of Instructions, Securing the Child, Installation Features and Overall Ease of Use. The Ultra continues to be one of the TOP rated infant car seats in America right now and deserves it. It features a no-thread harness, so there’s no need to fuss with taking your shoulder straps out to adjust their height when your child grows.

britax b safe ultra infant car seat must have

It also has reinforced side impact protection to protect your child’s delicate neck and spine even more. 


Copper Pearl swaddles are our favorite right now because they are made with the best material for your baby. All of their fun and adorable prints make them one of the most purchased baby gifts. You can also buy coordinating items like hats, bibs, burp cloths and thicker blankets.

baby must have swaddle

Not only do they do a wonderful job as swaddles; these cozy comforts can be used as nursing blankets, stroller/car seat covers, burp rags, changing pad covers, and for tummy time.


The Belly Bandit post-partum support comes in three styles (Original, Bamboo and Lace) and is your go-to item for postpartum recovery. It will help shrink your baby belly fast and will help minimize stretch marks! It also accelerates healing, makes you look slimmer instantly and provides additional comfort and support following a c-section.

top baby must have pregnancy support belt

The Belly Bandit supports back, leg and core muscles and also stabilizes your core while nursing. It can be used for anyone postpartum, not only mothers recovering from c-sections.


If you’re anything like many new parents, getting out and about is a necessity for peace of mind. Plus, you want to show off that new precious bundle. Having a good jogging stroller will allow you to adventure wherever you please!

bob alterrain pro jogging stroller top 11 baby must have

Right now, we are loving the new BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller. It’s more streamlined than previous models and with the help of a car seat adapter [sold separately], you can transform it into a great travel system.


On average, a newborn needs to breastfeed 10-12 times a day. With a good nursing bra, there can be little or no hassle to feeding your baby. A good nursing bra will have a clip where the cup and strap meet. This clip can be undone for easy access, and then re-clipped. A good nursing bra will also support your breasts and provide comfort to your chest and back.

cake maternity nursing bra

We LOVE the nursing bra collection by Cake Maternity. They’re supportive and have a huge range of cup sizes (From A-K).


Having baby sleep nearby, especially during the first few weeks, gives parents some serious peace of mind. It also allows you to keep them close for those night-time feedings. There are so many bassinets on the market right now, and many are great, but the Halo BassiNest Luxe Series is our TOP CHOICE. It’s been redesigned and the bassinet can now be removed from the base and used a travel cot.

halo bassinet bassinests

It features a removable sheet, soothing sound machine, a lowering bedside wall, swivel base and more.


Let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to toss used/dirty diapers in the trash, or laundry pail (if you’re using cloth diapers), BUT, who wants to take that trek during the middle of the night? A diaper pail will put a stop to any odors that may emanate from your nursery and can even prevent your pets from getting into your trash.

ubbi diaper pail disposal canister

We love the Ubbi Diaper pail because it’s made of odor-locking steel, you can use ANY bag as a liner and they make so many cute prints that add a pop to your nursery.


When I was pregnant with my 1st son, I was gifted a video monitor and thought it was the most ludicrous gift ever. Why would I need to see my baby when I could hear him just fine. Well, let me tell you….I can’t tell you how many nights I’d wake up in a panic once he transitioned to his own crib, worrying if he was breathing, or had moved, or what not. Being able to peek in on him without having to risk waking him up by peeking in his room was PRICELESS!

Peace of mind for parents is everything and the Owlet Sock + Cam system does everything. Not only can you see your baby from anywhere (great for working parents/nanny cam/relatives), but the Sock Monitor alerts you if there’s a change in heart rate or Oxygen levels.


I swore that I would never be that mom with a backpack on, chasing her kids. But, man let me tell you! It’s life and I love it! Having a backpack (versus a tote) is so much convenient and let’s me be hands-free to tackle life. My kids have outgrown the diaper phase but this bag is so stylish and practical that I use it as a carry on when I travel, and everyday when I’m cheering on my kids from the sidelines or at the rink. I pack snacks, extra mitts/clothing, sunscreen, etc. in it!

I love the multiple pockets, the waterproof exterior and wipeable interior. It features storage pockets for my items, insulated bottle pockets and a changing pad. The padded sleeve keeps my laptop safe and the stroller hooks add convenience when I’m out exploring or running errands.


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