Alright mamas, it’s finally time to think about heading to the hospital! Can we get three cheers for an end to swollen feet and waddling?!  It is a good idea to have your hospital bags packed and ready to go at 35 weeks!!

This will be my third trip to Labor and Delivery and I’ve learned a ton about what to bring to the hospital since having my first baby! I seriously brought pre-pregnancy jeans to wear home the first time…. nothing hurts your new mom ego like trying to fit into jeans while looking 6 months pregnant 🙂 [No one told me with my first baby that I would still looked pregnant when leaving the hospital with my new little bundle.]

Before packing, check with the hospital to see what they provide. Most hospitals will provide diapers and wipes for baby, a breast pump (if needed), and formula in pre-mixed in bottles.  Some may even provide you with a nursing pillow for you to use while you are in the hospital! If they provide it, then there is no need for you to overflow your bags and bring them! You’re going to have a precious baby to carry, gifts, a car seat, flowers, and probably a few balloons so the less you have in your bag, the better!

A few tips/items I forgot the first time around…

  • I brought my phone for pictures but forgot to clear up enough space to store them all! Make sure to purchase extra memory or bring a nice camera and extra memory card.
  • Dressing my baby for the first time was a bit intimidating, then add strapping him into a car seat, and the cute jean outfit I had packed drove me to tears. Get a cute (and super comfy), weather-appropriate onesie to bring home baby. There will be plenty of time for the cute outfits later, I promise.
  • Speaking of comfy, bring your favorite maternity leggings and a cute cover up to wear home [see above].
  • Gum! My husband was a wonderful coach but towards the end, he needed gum and I needed one less nuisance in my life.

For my complete hospital bag checklist with essentials for Mom, Baby, and Dad, download the list below!

Best of luck, you’re going to do great!


Here are some other check lists or recommendations that may help you make some informed decisions or reduce the chaos!

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