Baby Bjorn has been in the spotlight since 1973 when their first baby carrier was designed. It was developed in order to enhance the relationship between parent and child. Focused on maximizing closeness and comfort, Bjorn has continued to wow parents with their ground-breaking designs. They currently feature several types of Baby Bjorn carriers in their lineup.

How are they similar? All types of Baby Bjorn carriers feature front clips. These allow you to remove your child without disturbing them, so no need to wake a sleeping little one! Also, they are all made out of safe, non-toxic materials and come in cotton or mesh. While there are similarities between each of Bjorn’s carriers, there are a few differences that may help in choosing the perfect carrier for you and your family!

The Original Carrier

baby bjorn original baby carrier

The Original baby carrier can be used from 8 – 24 pounds and features an outward facing option. There are convenient, easy-to-use straps that tighten the leg openings to give children from 8 – 10 pounds optimal support.

This carrier is suitable for newborns because of its ergonomic design, adjustable head support, and built-in infant insert. Once your baby reaches five months old, there is an outward-facing option to allow your child to discover the world while maintaining the all-important contact with mom or dad. As an added bonus, this carrier is completely machine washable!

The Free Carrier

baby bjorn the free carrier

The Free is great for hot summer days since its airy and soft design keep you cool. It’s made of 3D mesh and provides enhanced comfort with build-in back support and adjustable waist belt.

It’s easy to take on and off and easy to wash. It provides 2 facing in options and 1 facing out option and is suitable for children from ages 0 – 15 months, 7 – 26 lbs and 21 – 23″ in length.

The One Air Carrier

baby bjorn the one carrier

Dubbed the β€œOne Carrier” due to its ability to transition from birth to the toddler years, this carrier will support your child from 8 – 33 pounds.

This carrier features four carrying positions, three options for front carrying and one for back carrying, as well as an easy front-to-back transition system that allows you to place your child on your back all by yourself! As a bonus, this carrier can be rolled up and conveniently placed in your diaper bag or carried by its built in carrying strap.

The We Carrier

baby carrier baby bjorn the we

The We carrier is another great option for carrying your child through the toddler years.

This carrier features three carrying options; a front inward-facing option for newborns, a front inward-facing option for infants, and a back inward-facing option for toddlers. Similar to the One model, this carrier can also be rolled up for your convenience and supports children from 8 – 33 pounds.

The Mini Carrier

baby bjorn the mini carrier

The Mini is a great option for newborns as it features an adjustable seat and head support that provides continual ergonomic support as your baby grows.

It’s made of flexible and soft fabrics that are lightweight and machine-washable. It provides two front carry positions and is suitable for 0 – 12 months, 7 – 24 lbs and 21 – 30″ in length.

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