I feel like one of the biggest stress factors as a parent is communication with your child! When they are little, they don’t speak. As they grow, they learn to speak, which can be frustrating for both parties! It literally is like speaking two different languages.

As they learn and grow, it is so easy to throw our hands in the air in defeat, in anger, in disappointment, even in tears! It is moments like these, we should sit back for a minute, assess the situation and say something encouraging to the little humans we made. 

Thanks to friends and family, I have compiled a list of great things to say to your little one if you are running out of ideas and feel the need for fresh, new things to inspire your kiddo!

20 Encouraging Phrases For Your Child

  1. Things are looking up
  2. That was a smart decision
  3. You are beautiful or handsome
  4. You did your best
  5. I’m so proud of you
  6. I love you
  7. Never, ever give up
  8. Being your mom/dad makes me so happy
  9. Doing your best is what matters most
  10. Keep rocking it, even if it isn’t working right now
  11. There is only one you – and YOU are amazing
  12. Be happy
  13. I love the choices you are making
  14. You can do/be anything
  15. I know “better” is in you, we just need to help him/her out
  16. I love how you…….(describe exactly what they did/said)
  17. You can do it
  18. I believe in you
  19. You did it
  20. You are so brave

Some of these you may already use, but they are great reminders to always be positive and uplift your little ones! Let’s raise an awesome next generation, guys!


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