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Herb Pharm, started in 2001 by a passionate but small group of individuals, is now a thriving company dedicated to bringing the benefits of healing through herbs to households across the nation. They have recently released a line of herbal supplements and extracts designed with kids’ health issues (and tastebuds!) in mind. These supplements are all guaranteed 100% natural and gluten free. With many options to choose from, there is sure to be a supplement to fit you and your little one’s needs!

Tummy TLC

herb pharm tummy tlc supplement

Herb Pharm’s Tummy TLC is a proprietary blend designed with your child’s delicate tummy in mind. The combination of Chamomile flower, Lemon Balm, Catnip herb, Fennel seed, Ginger, and peppermint essential oil helps to calm any aches or cramps your little one may experience!

Black Elderberry Extract

black elderberry herb pharm supplement

Black Elderberry has been revered for thousands of years as an immune and brain health booster. However, it is much more than that! Black Elderberry has the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity out of all the berries, and while that may sound like a bunch of scientific jargon, it is good news for your little one!

Having a high radical absorbance rate means that this simple extract actually helps trap free radicals that have been produced in your little one’s body through unavoidable environmental hazards. Black Elderberry also increases the body’s production of cytokines, which help the cells in your immune system know when to put up their defenses!

Ear Oil

herb pharm garlic ear oil drops

Herb Pharm’s Ear Oil is a proprietary blend of calendula, St. John’s Wort, mullein, and garlic to provide relief for ear infections and pesky ear pain. All of these herbs are anti inflammatory and antibacterial, while garlic helps to open up airways and relieve pressure from mucous buildup and mullein helps to heal damaged tissues.

Multiple studies have shown this combination to be just as potent, if not more, as conventional pharmaceutical ear drops. Just drop a few slightly warmed drops into those little years and your kiddo will be up and running again in no time!

Echinacea Extract

super echinacea herb pharm supplement

Echinacea has a wide variety of benefits, but none counter its positive effects on the body’s immune system! In fact, regular use of Echinacea has been proven to raise phagocytosis, the way in which certain types of white blood cells engulf and destroy invading cells, by up to 40%.

This herb also increases production of interferons, which are considered the “Paul Reveres of the immune system,” quickly sending signals to cells when an antigen has been detected. On top of the great immune system benefits, Echinacea is also antibacterial and can help fight bacterial infections.

Lemon Balm Calm

herb pharm lemon balm calm supplement for kids

Do you have a cranky, anxious, or sleepless little bundle of joy? Then Lemon Balm Calm could be the solution you have been looking for! Lemon Balm has been used for centuries for a variety of ailments including sleeping issues, gastrointestinal problems, restlessness, irritability, and anxiety.

While the taste of many Lemon Balm extracts is quite bitter, this particular one is alcohol-free and mixed with vegetable glycerin to make it suitable for little tastebuds.

Immune Avenger

immune avenger herb pharm kids supplement

This immune-boosting blend contains Echinacea, Elderberry, Meadowsweet leaf and flower, Hyssop leaf and flower, Ginger, Horseradish root, Thyme, and Cinnamon to give your little one’s immune system such a helping hand that it may become your new favorite superhero

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