Keep your little one entertained with these easy-to-do games and activities

Some of the most incredible characteristics of toddlers include their ENERGY (yes, I caps-locked that word for good reason!), eagerness to learn and grow, short attention span, enthusiasm, and the list goes on.  I am not sure about you other moms, but there comes a time when they are over their toys, you’re over spending money on going out, and you’re especially over Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Introducing…..AWESOME, CHEAP and SEASONAL activities to do with your toddler!

1. Window Gel Clings

Basically, in any general or grocery store when you walk in, you can find decorative holiday clings for under $3! I just bought some Hallowe’en ones (for $1) for my 2 year old, and she played with them for an hour! We talked about what each character or letter was and then we stuck them on together and decorated our front window! We talked about trick or treating and costumes and how Halloween is sometimes scary, but that is ok because Mommy is always here to protect her!

2. Matching Games

If you live in the 21st century, you know what websites like Google and Pinterest are. All I did for this project was type in “Halloween Character Printables” and both sites provided me TONS of cute little Halloween characters and pictures I could print for free! I just printed 2 each of 6-8 different characters (for Halloween I did pumpkins, mummies, ghosts, witches, bats, etc..), cut them out and colored them with my daughter, then showed her how to play! We faced them all down and then found the matches! **If you would like to preserve these, you can always laminate and store them in a plastic baggy to use year after year! 

3. Scavenger Hunt

This game may be a little more for me…I LOVE IT! Haha. For this game, talk about what season you are in and the holidays coming up. Pick out 5-10 items associated with the holiday and write them down, or for your little one to understand better, draw pictures of it. Next, venture outside and find all the items on your list! Check them off as you go!

4. Balloons

I bought an assorted color pack of balloons (colors I went for were red, orange, green, yellow, blue) for $1.50 and had a permanent marker at home. My two year old and I had a grand time blowing up the orange balloons and drawing pumpkin faces on them! White would be great for ghosts. Green for Frankenstein, etc! I let her decide what shapes the eyes, nose, mouth and ears would be. We then named the pumpkin balloon. She chose “Balloon.” Haha! Kids are so funny. We played catch and kickball with the balloon. Days later, she is still loving it! **Super excited to use red, green, and blue for Christmas themed balloons!

This time of year it is Halloween, but all of these suggestions would be great for any season or holiday! I hope this encourages you to get out there and adventure with your little one and shake up the everyday routines!


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