Diaper Bag Checklist

With all of this new baby gear, what and who is going to hold it all? Not you of course, you have a new baby to hold which is plenty enough in your arms. Hmm, we say let your diaper bag do the carrying and make the most use of all its luxurious space by reading our Diaper Bag Checklist!

Here is a list of Essentials:

  • Diaperswipescreamextra bags (for soiled diapers) and a changing pad are needed for those times in the day when it doesn’t smell too good in the air around you!  Also, it can be very beneficial to carry a compact wipe warmer for the chillier days.
  • Burp clothes or ragsextra set of clothes (maybe even 2 and don’t forget socks), extra bottlesextra shirt for yourself, a nursing cover, gas drops, baby food and spoons, nursing pads, formula (if it applies to you) and extra bottle nipples are needed for the times involving milk- which we all know is baby’s best friend. When the baby gets around milk, there are no rules or regulations. We all know it can be a crazy mess and you should be prepared with all the necessary items to clean up with.
  • Hand Sanitizer, sun-block, Kleenex, baby hat, antihistamine and antibiotic cream are some things that are missed when packing your diaper bag with essentials that you need for everyday. Who knows how many things you have touched that may carry germs and then touched baby!? Hand sanitizer is a gift sent down from heaven to new mommies.
  • Identification Tag: if something so happens to your bag and you lose it, we want you to have it back ASAP! Put your name phone number address and another person’s information in case they can’t find or get a hold of you!
  • Index Card with Important Numbers/Info: Of course your cell phone can be easy to access but an index card that is available at the touch of your fingertips can be handy! Might as well keep all important information on there as well as your phone, just in case
  • Water and snack FOR YOU! Nothing is worse when a mom gets ”hangry” (hungry+angry)! It can be just as dangerous as not feeding your baby for a long time. Mood shifts will happen and we all know we want consistent moods for mommies!
  • Teething Toys, and bandana bibs: When fussy baby is teething we want you to be able to calm your little one with a simple object such as a teething toy. In times of need these tend to be mom’s best friend!

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