A Day in the Life of a Real Mom

My Situation:

Two year old daughter, baby on the way, money tree in my backyard isn’t exactly producing this year…

My Day:

Babysitting a 7 month old boy and 3 year old girl, and brought my daughter with…I have one question for those moms who do two or more kids without a City Select or City Select LUX Stroller by Baby Jogger: How do you do it?

The girls wanted to go to the park. I am thinking, “how in the world are we going to manage this one?” Their mom left me a City Select stroller, which was a GAME CHANGER. I put Bubby Boy in the higher seat and he faced me, I put Missy Girl in the bottom seat facing out, and my daughter rode on the glider board attachment. There and back, the girls switched who rode where and loved both options. The NEW City Select LUX also offers a bench seat to expand your seating options even more!

I was wondering if I should invest in a double stroller because when our new baby comes, my daughter will be 2.5 and I thought she would be over strollers. If today proved anything, it is ALWAYS nice to have a stroller for your kiddos. 

With three (technically four) kids in tow, on a gravel road to the park we went. And I tell you what guys…that ride was SMOOTH! Easy to push and maneuver, handled the gravel roads with ease (actually put Bubby Boy to sleep), and got us to our destination in a way no other stroller could have.

When we got there, I reclined Bubby’s seat (he was zonked out) and unzipped the visor and pulled it down to completely cover him and protect him from the sun. What an amazing way to nap, amiright?!?! Outside with a cool breeze, little girl giggles, and bird music. The storage basket underneath held diapers and water bottles and snacks. Basically, what I am saying is…this stroller got us to the park, allowed the 7 month old boy to nap while the toddlers burned some energy and then got us all home again without waking the baby up.

I NEED THIS STROLLER. YOU NEED THIS STROLLER. I realized today, that “investing” in a stroller will be super worth it for our family. It is worth looking into for your family, as well. The end.   [CLICK HERE] to browse City Select/LUX on Amazon.


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