Bedtime Routines

There is something so calming about having a bedtime routine with your kids. It may even be the difference between a good night of sleep and a restless night. Routines are proven to give kids the reassurance and predictability they need to feel secure and comforted, thus better behaved. I am no pro when it comes to well-behaved children, but I do take pride in knowing every night my daughter goes to bed feeling comforted and loved!

It starts every night with her bath time! We fill the tub using our¬†Digital Temperature Tester, in the shape of a cute turtle! We love this product, it is so easy to use and it takes the guessing game out of whether or not your bath water is too hot or cold. We also really love our¬†Bath Toy Scoop¬†to store all our bath toys. Our baby’s bathroom is the same as our guest bath, so it is nice to have a cute and convenient place to store all her goodies.

We fill the tub with bubbles using¬†Aden and Anais Bubble Bath, which is Sandalwood scented and absolutely luxurious. Plus, very gentle and hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about baby’s sensitive skin and eyes. (Or when they choose to eat the bubbles, like my daughter.)

We also use¬†Aden and Anais’ shampoo, conditioner, and hair and body wash. Again, just unbelievable smell and safe for little ones. We had to start using conditioner when our daughter was just under a year! It made brushing her hair so much easier! Made me wonder why we fought it for so long; but baby hair is so fine so I didn’t assume she needed it, but you know what they say about assuming! We then gather her up out of the bath and wrap her in the soft Copper Pearl¬†baby hooded towels¬†. They are so soft, it is hard to explain until you get your hands on one…and they wash up even softer than the first day you bought it! I am so grateful we have a couple of these to interchange, so if one is in the wash we have a backup!

Lastly, after she is all good and dry, we rub her down with¬†some super creamy baby lotion. It’s fragrance-free, and her skin is so soft, even her doctor commented on it. She is about 2.5 now, and I have never used anything else on her. Plus, it leaves my hands smelling so amazing and feeling soft the rest of the evening, as well! Win-win.¬†

Of course, after lotion, comes brushing her hair and teeth, we received this super awesome toothbrush and book set before she was born and LOVE it!

Last, but not least, we cuddle up in our cozy nursing chair and read stories, say bedtime prayers, and sing songs until she closes her sweet eyes for the night. 

She loves her bedtime routine, and when she gets tired she starts to ask for it, and that’s when you know you got something right!! We are grateful for the products we bought, as well as those given to us as gifts, to help make this whole parenting process smooth and comfortable for all of us!

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