I’m all for normalizing breastfeeding and whipping out my lovely milk makers whenever and wherever necessary but it’s soooo nice when businesses take the time to dedicate special areas for feeding!

Recently, I had the marvelous experience of breastfeeding my child in one of Baby Logic’s Nursing Rooms. The store has two rooms that are dedicated to parents for feeding and diaper changing (with extra diapers and wipes)!  I was excited to see how beautiful the rooms were but as soon as I sat down and prepared baby and myself for our feeding, I realized that this snack time was different than others…

I wasn’t just sitting on any ole’ chair, I was sitting on a little slice of heaven. The cushions seemed to mold around my body and were extra comfortable on my sensitive under carriage (yes, I was shopping one week post delivery). Then, as I positioned baby on my breast, I realized that the arm height was perfect and seemed to be made for feeding. Who knew a chair could make such a difference?!

Baby Logic also uses these rooms as dressing rooms for all their awesome maternity and nursing wear so, of course, there was a giant mirror next to my fabulous chair. I quickly noticed that I seemed to be sitting a little straighter and was making this “latch/let down/rock/lose yourself in baby’s sweet eating noises” thing look good! This hadn’t happened in my chair at home?! Was it the room? Did I just luck out with my first venture out of the house?

After we wrapped up snack time, I had to get the low-down on that chair! I learned that Baby Logic’s Best Chairs actually give you great posture while being super duper comfy. With plush padding and extra support for your lower lumbar region, they set you up in an incredible position for feeding. They are also low enough so your legs sit at ninety degrees allowing you to touch the ground so you can easily rock without slouching.

Did you know that new mamas spend an average of six hours per day feeding?! Holy crap, I was spending that much time each day trying to get comfy on the couch…

Beyond being incredibly supportive and comfortable, Baby Logic’s Best chairs come in any style and color you could ever imagine. They are super stylish and will easily transition from a feeding chair to a story chair/rockabye chair and then into my office or living room. They are 100% custom made – IN THE USA!

In all seriousness, my Best Chair from Baby Logic has been a total life saver! As you may already know *or will soon learn*, there are some baby products you will never use and then others that you will use ALL THE TIME! I’m begging you to please invest in a great chair! I’ve already clocked 50,000 rocks, 273 bed time stories, 14 sleepless nights, and too many cuddles to count….


A great chair goes a long in enhancing your posture while feeding, but, a nursing pillow will help you hit that postural home run. Watch our video below to learn more.

This blog was written by a guest blogger and edited by Rachel Rising.

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  1. Marlie says:

    We used my gran s old rocking chair. However, in retrospect I would have bought a proper nursing chair. The rocker was difficult to get out of with a sleeping baby. If you have space for a nursing chair in your baby’s nursery, I would definitely get one. It was much easier to settle my little one in his room at night than on the sofa in a busy house. Erika

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