Modern families are on the go and with that comes a need to bring along the new baby or toddler. The entire line of Ergobaby carriers was designed to keep a parent’s best interest in mind and to provide several options that suit every need – you can even breastfeed in them! That being said, there are SEVERAL structured types of Ergobaby Carriers and deciphering them can be a challenge. Read below to see the key differences and to help you choose the best carrier for your needs.


The Aerloom Carrier is the newest addition to the Ergobaby family and combines all the features that you’ve grown to love and expect from the brand. It is suitable from birth and from 7 – 35 lbs. It is the first of its kind and is ultra-lightweight while having built-in airflow. Made of FormaKnit™️ fabric (post-consumer recycled polyester), it is as good for the earth as it is for your comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors. It is machine washable and has THREE carry positions that allow your baby to front carry – facing in, front carry – facing out or a back carry. It’s super cozy and flexible so you, and your new bundle, will never miss out on any adventures with the family.


The Omni features all the bells and whistles. It allows you to carry your child in FOUR different positions: Front carry – facing out, front carry – facing in, side carry and back carry. It is suitable for children from 7 – 33 lbs and DOES NOT require an infant insert when carrying a newborn. This new evolution of NOT requiring an infant insert makes the carrier less bulky than The Original carrier (when carrying a newborn) and even easier to use for families on the go.

To adjust for the size and age of your child, the carrier features adjustable velcro tabs on the inside of the belt that are labelled and color coded are, so they are easy to modify as your child grows. The Omni Carrier itself features crossable straps, a privacy hood, lumbar support on the belt for additional comfort with the older children and also includes a detachable storage pouch. The shoulder straps also attach to the carrier at the front, making it easier to adjust when wearing the carrier. [CLICK HERE to get 30% OFF]

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The All-Position 360 carrier is very similar to the Omni in that it allows you to carry your child in FOUR different positions: Front carry – facing out, front carry – facing in, side carry and back carry. It is suitable for children from 12-33 lbs and as early as 7 lbs when using an infant insert. From the exterior, this carrier looks almost identical to the Omni. The All-Position 360 also features a privacy hood and shoulder straps that attach at the front of the carrier, but now has a padded wrap-around waist belt for added comfort. Most 360 styles will feature this belt style, however the Cool Air version will have a padded lumbar support with clips and DOES NOT feature a wrap-around belt. [CLICK HERE to get 30% OFF with Ergobaby’s Father’s Day Promotion – Ends 6/22/2021]


The Adapt is an extremely versatile carrier and like the Omni, it DOES NOT require the use of an infant insert to be compatible with newborns. It is suitable for children from 7-45 lbs and is a THREE position carrier. It allows you to carry your child in the following positions: Front carry – facing in, side carry and back carry. Its shoulder straps are crossable and attach to the front of the carrier for easy access to adjust while on the go. It features a privacy hood and lumbar support for added comfort. There is also a Cool Mesh version available for added breathability. I especially love the fact that the higher weight limit of this carrier allows for special needs children or those needing additional breaks when out and about “can catch a ride” with mom and dad ❤️.


The Original Carrier was the first in the Ergobaby line and endures due to its versatility and functionality. Its a THREE position carrier and allows you to carry your child in the following positions: Front carry – facing in, side carry and back carry. It is suitable for children from 12-45 lbs and as early as 7 lbs when using the infant insert. It features a privacy hood, large storage pocket and some styles even features a padded lumbar support belt. Like the Adapt, the higher weight limit adds convenience when you need it most with larger/older children.


The Embrace is a cozy and simple way to carry your newborn, keeping them close and safe. It eliminates the potential struggles of a wrap, while still being soft and flexible. This carriers is suitable for infants from birth – 1 year old and 7 – 25 lbs. It also allows you to keep your newborn facing in, while allowing your child to face out when the time is right. This is a great option for the itty bitty stage and allows you to be hands free while bonding with your baby.


The Hip Seat is one of the newer additions to the Ergobaby line and is a versatile way to carry your toddler when they want a little break from their adventures. It features a large cushioned seat to support your growing child, a wider velcro waistband for added comfort and support, a removable front panel to enable you to carry hands free if needed, a baby hood that tucks away and a convenient storage pocket. The Hip Seat is suitable for children 12 – 45 lbs and 4 – 48 months. It is machine washable (big bonus) and you can nurse in the carrier. Again, I love how Ergobaby has retained the higher weight limit on some of their carriers to allow families to adventure together.


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