Families on the go…read up!

Whether shopping online or in-store, parents can spend hours staring at a wall of car seats or scrolling page after page looking at strollers. Sadly, after all that time, most still end up confused and frustrated. Parents are daunted by the fear of falling victim to confusing and hard-to-use car seats and strollers. And we don’t blame them!

The last thing they want to do is stare at a half-installed car seat while muttering to themselves that it shouldn’t be this difficult. Or even worse, to have a screaming crying child in the back of your car while you wrestle with your stroller, trying to get it to fold as you contemplate in your head if it would be acceptable to just leave the stroller on the side of the road!

Well have no fear, UPPAbaby is here! 

Whether you choose to click your UPPAbaby MESA Car Seat into a VISTA or a CRUZ Stroller, either way it will turn that frown upside down. The Vista is the full-size version while the Cruz is the more compact stroller.  [CLICK HERE] to shop the Uppababy VISTA stroller on Amazon.

Both strollers are made out of super light material, making them easy to take out of your vehicle and equally as easy to put away.  [CLICK HERE] to shop the Uppababy CRUZ stroller on Amazon.

The MESA itself is EXTREMELY light, weighing in at a mere 9.9 lbs! [CLICK HERE] to shop the Mesa Infant Car Seat on Amazon.

Multiples on the way? Or need room for several riders?

The VISTA can not only handle one car seat but is an ideal option for families who are expecting multiples. This stroller can easily adapt to hold two car seats, two toddler seats, or even hold two sleep rated bassinets at the same time! 

That’s right you didn’t read that wrong! The Vista comes with one sleep rated bassinet that can click into the frame so that you and baby or babies can stroll around in style. The Cruz, not wanting to be left out, can also accommodate a bassinet [CLICK HERE] to shop the CRUZ Bassinet on Amazon. The charm of the UPPAbaby brand comes from how easy all of their products are to use.

A few more features include:

SAFETY: The car seat is equipped with independently locking latches that can cut down install time from 30 minutes to 3 under the right conditions. 

CONVENIENCE: The stroller is SO easy to fold! With an easy pull of a latch, the stroller collapses and will actually stand up on its own once folded.  

There are so many bells and whistles regarding UPPAbaby that the list seems almost endless. They’ve taken into consideration what parents want, what they need and overall safety of their products both for the users and products themselves.

So the next time you are in a store or scrolling through a website page looking for the right fit, take a moment and notice the UPPAbaby Stroller line or Car Seat. I am sure they will not disappoint!


  1. Lightweight. The car seat alone weighs a mere 9.9lbs!
  2. Versatile. The Vista can expand to a double, even triple stroller. 
  3. Adaptable. Use the stroller seat, car seat or bassinet (included with Vista) to enhance your strolling experience. 
  4. Convenient. The Cruz and Vista stand on their own when folded. So no more laying your gear on the ground when loading kids. 
  5. Safety. The Mesa features independently-locking latches, ensuring a tight fit, every time. 

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  1. Amah says:

    Are you sensing a theme here? Not only do Brian and I live in a small city space, but we also drive a small city vehicle – no mini vans or roomy SUVs here! For this reason, it was really important to me that our stroller be able to fold up compact to be able to fit into our small trunk. Not a problem for our UPPAbaby VI STA, which fits into our small car’s trunk no problem. What’s more is that because the frame is so compact and light, all 5’2 of me has no problems getting it in-and-out of the car on my own. Another cool feature is how easily all of the UPPAbaby products work together. For example, we also use the UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat in our vehicle and it clips into the frame of our VISTA easily – without having to use a car seat adapter. I feel like a have a whole new stroller when I use this set up with the MESA car seat, a compact travel system that makes traveling with Benny so much easier. Truth be told, taking Benny in the car with me was one of by biggest anxieties and I credit how easy the UPPAbaby VISTA frame and MESA car seat are to being able to concur that fear.

  2. Anne says:

    I love my vista and mesa, but they’re just not feasible for travel. Am I right that the only travel stroller compatible with the mesa is the minu? Obsessed with Nuna TRVL but don’t see an adapter!

    • Dr. Rachel Rising , D.C., C.P.S.T says:

      You’re right! The only Uppababy travel stroller that would be compatible with your Mesa is the Minu. It’s a great travel stroller though – lightweight, super compact and maneuvers like a dream! Nuna has been redoing many of their adapters and at this time, do not have an adapter for Uppababy car seats. Many brands these days are sadly getting away from adapters that are suitable for other brands, although BoB Gear does a great job at being compatible with major brands – they just don’t offer a travel stroller! The City Tour 2 by Baby Jogger is also a great travel stroller, but again, not compatible with Mesa!

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