Which stroller is best for you and your family?

There are SO many different types of strollers on the market today, and it can get overwhelming in a hurry! In this blog, we’ll break down the major types of strollers. This is to help you find out which stroller is best for you and fits your family’s needs the best. There are MANY types of strollers: Umbrella Stroller, Travel System, Compact Stroller, Jogging Stroller, Full-size Stroller, Double Stroller, Triple Stroller, etc. PHEW, take a breath! So, we’ve made a list of most popular stroller types to help you decipher the right one for you and your lifestyle. 

#1 The Travel System

britax b-free and endeavors car seat and stroller travel system type of stroller

The Travel System is one of the most versatile combinations out on the market now. It’s basically just a combination of an infant car seat and a stroller (most often a compact or full size stroller) that are compatible with each other so that your infant seat snaps into the frame and you can take your newborn with you on all your adventures.

Most strollers are suitable for children 4-6 months and up, and so a travel system is nice for those early months where you want to be out and about but also want to keep baby protected. Many brands will sell a pre-made combo of stroller and infant seat, while others allow you to pick your stroller, infant car seat and make your own travel system by also purchasing the compatible car seat adapter. WOW. Options! The nice thing about these is that you buy the set up front, use your infant seat as long as you want, or until baby outgrows it, then you can just use the stroller alone when the time is right. Versatility. Convenience.  One of our favorites is the Britax B-Free stroller with B-Safe Ultra infant car seat [pictured above].

#2 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

umbrella types of stroller

This is a must for the family on-the-go. It’s light (of course!), folds down small and is extremely portable. You can leave it in your vehicle for random errands, cruise in and out of stores and most importantly, it’s a great airport travel stroller. You don’t have to worry about taking down clothing racks or running into people in crowded places. It also fits easily into a travel bag so that you can protect it from damages when flying. 

They cOme in a variety of styles and budgets so that there’s one for every family’s needs. Some recline, some don’t recline, some stand on their own and others fold down itty bitty. One of our favorites is the Uppababy Minu [pictured above].

#3 The Compact Stroller

compact types of stroller

The compact stroller and full-size stroller are very similar. They both feature all the bells and whistles like a reclining seat, foot rests, optional cup holders, storage baskets, etc. The major difference is the size. The Compact Stroller is just a tad bit smaller, usually shorter and narrower than the full-size

It might also have three wheels instead of four for added convenience and portability. They can often be coordinated with an infant car seat by using the appropriate adapter and transformed into a travel system. This is typically the main stroller in a household. 

#4 The Full Size Stroller

uppababy vista v2 full size types of stroller

As mentioned above, the Full Size Stroller is most often just a beefier version of the compact. The Full Size stroller is typically taller, wider and larger than the compact strolelr. One major difference though is that the Full Size stroller can often expand to transform into a double (or triple) stroller.

It is a great option for growing families, day care providers and families with multiples. The accessories are endless and vary from extra benches for seating, glider boards and car seat adapters to allow your stroller to carry an infant car seat as your family grows. They usually have four wheels and as a bonus, many full size strollers come with a bassinet that clicks into your frame and becomes a pram. One of our favorites is the Uppababy Vista stroller [pictured above].

#5 The Double (or Triple) Stroller

baby jogger second seat double stroller types of stroller

The Double Stroller can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Basically, its a stroller with two seats to accommodate your growing family. Now, this is where it gets confusing – Some have two permanent seats, while others have moveable seats that can be switched out and configured into a multitude of options.

One of our favorites, the City Select by Baby Jogger [pictured above], can accommodate two toddler seats, a toddler seat and infant car seat, a toddler seat and bassinet, two infant car seats, two bassinets, etc. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. 

That being said, there are TONS of options at every budget available.  Some are in-line, meaning both seats are in a single file, one behind the other. Others are side-by-side and some styles can even transform from a single stroller to a double or more!

#6 The Jogging Stroller

types of strollers jogging

The Jogging Stroller is a great stroller for exploring the great outdoors. It features three wheels for added suspension and maneuverability and most typically has air-filled tires that create a smooth ride for your child. It can off-road like nobody’s business and is great for all the runners out there that want something to keep up with them.

Some styles even come in a double stroller option for large families on the go. Many also offer the option to transform them into a travel system for even more off-roading adventures! Our favorite right now is the BOB Alterrain Pro jogging stroller [pictured above].

No matter what your stroller needs, you can easily find the perfect one to suit your needs and budget! We’d love to see your pics while out and about – Share below!

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