NOTICE: As of June 23, 2022, the distribution of the Deluxe+ DockATot (manufactured after 6/23/2022) has been discontinued from US markets, following changes to the Infant Sleep Products Rule. You can learn more HERE. DockATot has announced a brand new, redesigned product line that will launch in January 2023. CLICK HERE for Dock Safety Tips.

As of 2/21/2023

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my DockATot, and a lot of my friends have purchased one and praised its name, as well! I understand that it’s one of those big baby expenses and requires a bit of research and thought, but trust me, you will not be disappointed! It will literally change your life and the way you travel!

The DockATot comes in two different sizes: Deluxe and Grand. A mistake many parents make when purchasing the Dock is trying to go straight to the Grand DockATot (9-36 months) rather than the Deluxe DockATot (0-9 months) when their little one is not old enough. I realize the importance of saving money, but sadly, and shockingly, the two sizes are actually very different, for very specific and well thought out reasons. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the differences between both sizes of DockATot and why it’s so important to get the one for the correct age of your child.


The Deluxe DockATot can be used for tummy time, while the Grand DockATot is not. The Deluxe Dock has firmer bumpers to help facilitate the neck and upper back muscles needed to gain strength. The Grand Dock does not accommodate tummy time since it is made for children who are more developed, even though it is just as safe and breathable. Ensure that you are always DIRECTLY SUPERVISING your child when doing tummy time!


The Deluxe DockATot is made to mimic the womb. When you have a fresh little baby, you want to create their sleeping environment to be as close to the womb as you can. That is why parents swaddle, use noise makers, have a small bassinet for the first year, etc. The Deluxe Dock is made with this thought in mind and it is the reason babies sleep so well in it (seriously it’s magic!). But, if you skip the Deluxe and move right to the Grand Dock, you aren’t going to see the results of this amazing sleeping routine everyone is buzzing about. 


“The Startle Reflex” is also something the makers of DockATot took into consideration when they created two different sizes. Babies tend to startle themselves due to lack of control of their limbs, and they wake themselves up. The positioning of the bumpers and the cushioning in the Deluxe DockATot were designed to prevent your little one from waking themselves up in this way.


Lastly, the Deluxe DockATot states 0-9 months, but the truth is, many parents use it well past 9 months. It is designed to accommodate even those babies who are in the lower percentiles! I know several little ones who still use the Deluxe Dock size at 15 months + counting.
When it’s all said and done, DockATot is my go-to recommendation for all new mamas. It has made sleeping, lounging, and traveling with my littles so much easier! I always took mine when visiting grandma and grandpa, or to dinner parties with friends. Having a safe place for baby to lounge/sleep was EVERYTHING!

Just remember, get the size for your baby to realize it’s true benefit…. MORE SLEEP FOR YOU AND BABY 🙂


Want to complete your DockATot and make it fit your lifestyle even more? Accessorize it! You can add a toy arch, to provide your baby with a  safe place to play or lounge. We all know parents could use a break now and again! Do you travel often or are you a family on-the-go? Try adding the transport bag to ensure safe passage of your Dock on airlines or between dinner parties! Do you need sun shelter for your little one while out and about? Add a Cabana Kit to shade that little babe of yours! 

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