After having a child of my own, seeing all my friends and cousins have kids, and working in the baby industry for over 9 years…I can say the trickiest purchase one can make is a nursing bra! Our bodies are constantly changing in every stage of pregnancy and following! The amazing thing about our generation though, is that we have found a way to make this stage of life FUN, SEXY, COMFORTABLE, and most importantly, FUNCTIONAL! But the most important question though, is how to find the right sized bra for each stage?

Nowadays, there is a HUGE selection of nursing bras online including several brands that are at the top of the industry right now. And all super affordable.  So, I am here to help guide you along this path and hopefully answer your questions about each stage your boobies will go through.


Here are 3 easy steps to determine what size band and cup you are. Then, you can venture out from here and see which brands fit you better.

  • 1ST STEP: Measure your underbust (BAND) with a flexible measuring tape
  • 2ND STEP: Measure your overbust (CUP) with a flexible measuring tape
  • 3RD STEP: Deduct your “BAND” measurement from your “CUP” measurement. EX. 42″ (CUP) – 38″ (BAND) = 4″. Based on chart below, you’d be a 38D.
DIFFERENCE IN INCHES:0/12345678910111213

Bra Sizing During the First Trimester

Most women experience rapid breast growth during this time (it was one of the ancient ways to tell you’re pregnant!). So, the best bra to get for this stage is one that is stretchy, seamless and comfortable. It should grow with you, and will come in handy again when you’re nursing. For this stage, we recommend a seamless nursing bra like the ones below:

Bra Sizing During the Second Trimester/Third Trimester

Your breasts will grow a little slower during this time, and into your third trimester, as well. However, your rib cage and stomach will start to widen pretty abundantly! I wonder why….For this stage, we recommend a flexible wire and contoured bra for support with a lot of hooks and eyes for greater extension. For this stage of the game, one of our favorites is:

Bra Sizing When Full Term

At this stage, you will notice your breasts grow again, to prepare to feed your little, tiny, adorable human baby. This will be the size your breasts will most likely be throughout your nursing phase of life. We really think it is best to have a couple of bras for this time, to be comfortable your last month of pregnancy, but also to be prepared for when you are in that settled nursing stage. Some favorites include:

Bra Sizing During First Month Post-Natal

Your boobies will be leaky, engorged, sore, sensitive…we’re talking the most you have ever not wanted boobs. I am so sorry if I am the first one to bring you this news. Let’s cut them some slack, though, and try to remember the AWESOME things they’re doing:

  • feeding your baby and providing them a TON of immune boosting nutrients
  • boosting your Oxytocin 
  • help you to bond with your baby
  • lots more… we all know the benefits of breastfeeding are countless

ANYWAY! You will want that SOFT, STRETCHY bra back… They do not like your bra to be wired at this stage, due to clogging ducts and what not…and so we, again, recommend the  following:

After First Month Postnatal AND BEYOND! 

Your milk should now be regulated, you will hopefully have a more established routine, and besides fluctuation every now and then to accommodate your little one’s intake, your bra size won’t change until you’re done nursing. This is the time to utlilize all the bras you have accumulated so far and/or splurge on several more to last you however long you plan on nursing! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months, and even after that! As long as Mom and Baby are doing great and desire to continue, it is a huge benefit to both of you. I hope this guide helps you prepare and understand the changes your body will make and how to accommodate those changes a little bit! Please come in to the store if you have any more questions for us!!


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