Pregnancy Blog Week 1 – Numero Uno!

Today, I climbed out of a crib for around the 500th time in my life. I started by slowly maneuvering my right leg out of the crib. My lady part hit the skinny wooden side of the baby jail, and tears formed in my eyes while I was straddling it. Ok, right leg found the floor. I tighten my mouth and look at my baby. Still sleeping. Phew. 500 times? Why am I not better at this? I whip my left leg around and hit the ground in a non-graceful landing. I stuck it. Totally stuck it, hands in the air and all. I looked around for an adoring crowd applauding me. Nope, no one but me and my sleeping baby in that room. 

If you’re reading this…chances are you are hoping to become pregnant. I say this, because at Week 1, the only baby you’re nurturing is the red devil. Or, what normal people call, your period. Technically, Week 1 of pregnancy is the first day of your last period. So what’s with the jungle gym crib story? Motherhood is a combination of gymnastics, tears and no praise. All’s I am saying is there is still time for you to back out if you want. Because you’re not pregnant yet. 

I am totally kidding, guys! Pregnancy and motherhood are truly transforming journeys and I hope in about 3-4 weeks you are holding a positive pregnancy stick in your hand gloriously waving the pee all over your bathroom. 

What is your little peanut up to right now? Looking down from heaven, choosing which mommy to pick on, I mean love on, for the rest of his/her life.

Tip of the week: Get yourself on a pregnancy multivitamin and eat foods rich in folic acid. Basically this includes fruits and veggies, nuts, and my personal favorite: cereal. 

Baby product of the week: It’s soft, it’s cuddly and it sets the tone for what is to come. You’ll most likely needs loads of these so get a head start. CLICK HERE to find out what your product of the week is for Week 1. 

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