Pregnancy Blog Week 11 – Training Crocodiles

I can just see it now. You’re sitting at your friendly neighborhood bar and grill with a group of friends or coworkers and everyone is ordering an alcoholic bev and you squeak out, “just water, thanks…” and everyone looks at you like you have this big, personal secret and they are going to make you say it in front of everyone.  Because that is exactly what they will do to you. Cool, ladies. And, next, as if forcing you to admit you’re newly pregnant in front of everyone isn’t enough, they will follow with many, many opinions and scary stories. Just like every single thing about pregnancy, everyone’s opinion is different – and I don’t have an opinion. About anything. Ever. So I am every pregnant woman’s best friend. HaHa!

If you have told people about your pregnancy, I am sure you’ve gotten a lot of “Well, this is what happened when I was pregnant…” and “my best friend’s great aunt’s crocodile trainer lost her unborn baby training crocodiles…so be careful when you train crocodiles” and a lot of unwanted advice and pointless crap about their pregnancy that will never have anything to do with your pregnancy. So, just nod politely and say something like, “wait, so you’re telling me I have to stop taking tequila shots in my hot tub every night?” and secretly laugh at their reactions. 

If you haven’t told people yet, there is a little taste of what’s to come!

SERIOUSLY, why do people want to share all the scary, nasty details of their pregnancy and delivery to newly pregnant and vulnerable moms?! It is some precious and weird common ground, I get it. But let’s spare them until they ask from now on, yeah?!  

What is your little alien up to? Not looking so much like an alien anymore 🙂 Baby is now basically fully formed and her bones are hardening. She will be able to clench her hands and make a fist soon!

Tip of the week: Try not to punch nosy people in the face. (Oh, and eat nutritiously, get some rest, and stay on those vitamins! But, mainly, the first thing I mentioned.)

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