Pregnancy Blog Week 12 – You are Facebook Official!

12 weeks!!!  I SAID 12 WEEKS!!!  Yeah!!! Week 12 is the “officially unofficial” week to tell the world that you are pregnant!!  And yes, this even means making it FACEBOOK OFFICIAL so that all of the people that you really don’t even care about anyways can know that you have had sex 3 months ago!

Having kids is truly a wonderful, new way to look at life. Many women “glow” when they’re pregnant and beam with undeniable joy and grace. It may be these women you would like to punch in the face if your pregnancy has been less than desirable up until now. But, don’t. “Pregnant Lady Heads to Jail” promises to be an interesting news article, but I can’t imagine it is a super glamorous place to be.

You are soaring your way out of first trimester and into the second. YASSS! Second trimester was my JAM. More energy, less pukey, not huge but starting to show a little. You finally feel pregnant and not like you ate bad Chinese. All around good times.   My husband actually said to me, “Oh, so you weren’t faking tiredness that whole time?!” when I entered the second trimester and started making us dinner again.   Yes, we are still happily married. Don’t punch your hubbies either, guys. They mean well. 

What I am really trying to say is: ENJOY THIS TIME. It does not last long but it is glorious. 

Tip of the week is (drum roll, please): BUY MATERNITY CLOTHES. Do not make the same mistake I did and try to force regular clothes to work as long as possible.  1) It is not comfortable and 2) if you wait to buy maternity clothes until you’re actually overly huge and in desperate need of them, you only get a couple months worth of your purchase. Make the maternity clothes work for months and enjoy that growing belly without awkward dances to get into your jeans and heavy, short breaths throughout the day until you can finally unbutton them at home (or at Olive Garden…where ever you call home these days).

What is your little one up to these days? Reflexes! He will be opening and closing his eyes, opening and closing his little hands and start making sucking movements with his mouth. Sweet baby! Stay in there and cook for a while and let your mom get some zzz’s.

Product of the week: Obviously, maternity clothes. [CLICK HERE] to diversify your closet during your pregnancy. Invest (yes, INVEST) in a comfy and amazing pair of pants. If you have a really active lifestyle, get some Active Yoga Pants by Ingrid and Isabel. If you work in a professional environment, get the Ingrid Ponte Pant and a maternity blouse. These clothes are stylish and built to make you comfortable without looking like you are wearing maternity clothes. 

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