Pregnancy Blog Week 13 – We know you had sex 3 months ago!

We know you had sex three months ago….And so does you grandmother!  ahhhh!  And about every other person that you know in your life or on facebook.  But just think…your parents pulling the goalie is what made you here today! Too far??…OK, enough about that talk for a second.

What is your baby up to this morning? My “baby” just dumped cereal all over the floor and she and my dog are both on all fours eating from the floor.  *Disclaimer, my dog is usually on all fours, my toddler is not. This will be life for you soon, precious mom. It is not glamorous, but it is entertaining. And I am assuming that is the whole reason you are having kids in the first place, besides to lose all your money. 

Have you noticed other moms looking at you, specifically your glow and tiny baby bump, and smile serenely? I used to think it was weird and I never understood the way moms used to look at each other, but I get it now. And I shoot that “Mom Look” all the time. Your kid just shoved crayons up his nose at the restaurant and blew them out and I shoot you a look like *I get it* and *I’m sorry, dude* … My kid just pulled down all the breakable decor from the aisle in Target and you run to help me redo the display before they get Hulk-smashed and we look at each other, with my eyes I say, *You get it* and *You rock, thank you* … These are things that unify moms and that is why it is so amazing to be a part of the mom community. I am sure there is a similar dad community and they probably actually use words and not looks, but I am just speaking from my own personal experience. 

My kid just ran up to me and yelled “COFFEEEEE” and “PEPPA PIG” so I walked to the bathroom so I could shoot myself a Mom Look, *You got dis, lady* and *This is your huz’s fault** Another disclaimer, I do not give my child coffee, but she knows I don’t play until I drink some, so this was just a reminder.

This is the last week of your first trimester, and you are still flying full force into second and will soon be landing in Happyville. The good news, besides tiredness and morning sickness subsiding, is your sex drive will be back! So your huz can quit complaining how hard first trimester has been on him! Hardy – har – har. 

What is your little sweetums up to this week? Your baby has fingerprints now and her body is starting to catch up with her head! So, she will not walk around lopsided, HOORAY!

Tip of the week: Make sure you are eating roughly 300 extra calories a day for that little munch. Try to be nutritious and make sure you are taking that multivitamin still!

Product of the week: CLICK HERE to view this week’s item. It will help enhance the bonding experience with baby, and allow you to be hands free. You get all the benefits of a wrap, yet the two sewn rings allow for a super quick set up. 

PS. Did you do a fun announcement yet? Please, share it with us! We love to see how you’re sharing the exciting news! #baby_logic

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