Pregnancy Blog Week 14 – The Pregnancy Anthem

Because we are officially 14 weeks, and OFFICIALLY in second trimester… I have written a song to the tune of Canada’s National Anthem, “O Canada”. The reasoning behind this is trifold: 

  • my best friend is Canadian 🇨🇦
  • it is fairly short, and
  • plain and simple, it is a catchy tune.

Here is goes…..🎤

Oh Second Tri

I’ve Written You a Song

You’re Finally Here

What Took So Bleeping Long

With Glowing Bellies

We See Thee Grow

Our Tiny Babe So Cute

From Far and Wide,

Please Stand on Guard

To Avoid those Pregnancy Toots

God Keep My Belly

From Stretching All My Skin

Oh Second Tri

You Are a Small Pregnancy Win

Oh Second Tri

Please Keep My Baby in! 

(Until I come to terms that it has to come out at some point…for me that was around week 26). The End.

That’s all the energy I have for this week. Next week (15) I will try to cover more serious ground, but you made it to week 14 and we need to keep things light and fun. Go celebrate with a mocktail!

What is your baby up to? LANUGO! You’re like WTH is that! It is that soft, downy covering of hair…Also! Kicking and punching, but you won’t feel those glorious movements for a little while yet.

Tip of the week: CELEBRATE! Start telling people you’re pregnant, start considering budgets, products, and where to register . *hint* There are several online registry options that feature a great selection and are super convenient for out of town relatives/friends [Amazon, Target, Baby List, BuyBuyBaby and more!]

Product of the week: “Oh, oh – Ooooh….Listen to the music”. CLICK HERE to view our product of the week. It helps get you and baby to sleep, and it even keeps both of you asleep longer. Plus, it will come super handy when baby is sleeping in same room as you. They will benefit from white noise and you will benefit from not hearing every little movement (if that is possible). We loved this one and still use it now, even when traveling. CLICK HERE to view our Baby Logic Top Pick!

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