Pregnancy Blog Week 15 – Hey Fatty!

Ok, Week 15. Let’s talk business.  

First of all, at this point, you have probably gained a few pounds (5lbs on average). That is great! You are growing a human, for crying out loud. I see women all over the spectrum of pregnancy weight gain. There are women counting calories and dedicated to being back to their pre-pregnancy size shortly after birth, and then there are women who scoff at the women aforementioned. You know, the kind at 25 weeks preggers the doctors are like “HEY LADY, let’s try to keep it to under 2 milkshakes per day from now on, yeah?!” Still didn’t. I honestly don’t advise either. 

Keep it real, guys. Stay nutritious and don’t worry so much about what the scale says. Worry about keeping you and your tot as healthy as possible. 

Secondly, gender. Have you talked with your spouse about finding out the gender at your next ultrasound or are you waiting until the birthday? As if there aren’t already enough surprises that day to begin with. Over half of the pregnant population decide to know the gender beforehand, but the trend for waiting is on the rise! There are definitely pros and cons to both, and either way, preparing for baby is super fun. 

Speaking of, what is that little bun up to? His eyes are starting to move towards the center of the face from the sides of his head, which isn’t exactly the cutest thought ever…but one day, you will be so overly tired at 1 am and you will be rocking this tiny human to sleep and those eyes will look at you and your baby will smile… probably because they’re relieving themselves but still… and those eyes will be the sweetest things you’ve ever seen.

Tip of the week: One word. Milkshakesandfries

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