Pregnancy Blog Week 16 – Foot Rubs Increase Baby’s Intelligence!

This is a really cool week, in my opinion, because 1) your baby is forming the bones in her ears and can start listening to your voice, 2) baby is now the size of an avocado and that is my favorite food, and 3) baby is forming taste buds! So soon, you will bust your butt creating amazing and nutritious concoctions for your dog to eat! Because one of the coolest things about babies exploring food for the first time is that the majority of it lands on the floor. And by coolest, I mean easily the suckiest and most annoying thing ever. 

One of the most precious, comforting, and reassuring things as a new mom is that your baby always turns to your voice. I, personally, think my own voice is aggravating, but even at days old, my baby would turn her head when I started talking and it did weird and glorious things to my heart. We were having trouble nursing, I could not decipher her cries to save my life, but she knew what her mama sounded like and that was enough for me. So talk away, ladies…sing your favorite songs *cough* All of Me by John Legend… and have your huz or bf talk to your stomach. They really don’t have to get that close, but it is funny to make them because they have no idea. Also, tell them the doctor told you it is a scientific fact that foot rubs given to the mother by the father increase your baby’s intelligence. And thank me later. 

What is baby up to? Avocado, hearing, taste buds.

Tip of the week:  You may be experiencing backaches, another effect of pregnancy hormones. Make sure you’re exercising, that you’re sitting and standing up straight and do some stretches.

Product of the week: Rock yo’ baby with this week’s product of the week (CLICK HERE to reveal). All your favorite songs, just the soothing melodies for baby. Songs you love, but baby-fied! Because we all know how quickly baby’s favorite lullabies can become annoying to adults.

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