Pregnancy Blog Week 17 – Insane in the Preggo Brain

There is something we need to talk about this week, and if you’re like me at 17 weeks preggo…it will probably make you cry and make you frustrated and make your blood boil at the thought. And it is called Pregnancy Brain. Pregnancy Brain is a term used to describe the way pregnant women easily forget things and act like space cadets while carrying their child. No one knows what causes this. Which is even more frustrating and I am so sorry for this lack of explanation you cute, emotional, forgetful pregnant lady. You probably already forgot what I am apologizing for, though. Are you re-reading that last paragraph again?  Haha. I actually did, too, and I am not pregnant. 

You are not alone. I hope that makes you feel better. While working at the baby store, I can’t even tell you how many women come in and forgot why. So we hug and I reassure them it is normal like I am doing right now for you, because it is. And I like hugs. Keep plowing through this! Soon, tiredness will be the reason you forget everything and that is not as cute.

What is your baby up to this week? Putting meat on his bones and his umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker too! 

Tip of the week: Start chatting with the other person responsible for your pregnancy about whether you are going to find out the gender or not!

Baby product of the week: Go buy a pink or blue baby product to have if you do decide to find out gender, that way it will be your first official gender baby item!! CLICK HERE to see our product of the week by Copper Pearl. Lightweight, soft and on point for style. 

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