Pregnancy Blog Week 18 – Weight Gain 101

Why people think they can comment on your pregnancy weight gain and how to react 101.

At this point, you have probably gained 10+ pounds. Your baby is becoming meaty, and your body is accommodating! Again, how cool is the body of a woman?!

And the best part of this is, what you have gained is no one else’s business (except your doctor’s, I should probably add. Otherwise those suckers constantly making you step on a scale are just being plain rude).  If you are healthy, if your doctor is happy with your growth or lack of, if you are staying nutritious and doing what you can exercise-wise, you are doing just great. And don’t let anyone make you feel differently. 

Exercise-wise is fun to say. 

I think people comment because there isn’t much else to talk about right now besides how you feel and how you look and what you think the gender of the baby is (which is arbitrary at this point). You don’t know much else about this baby besides the fact they are making you feel all these emotions and they are making your body change.

“You’re pregnant! How are you feeling?!” 

{insert your comment about feeling hungry and tired and that you’re 18 weeks along…} 

“18 weeks, time is flying! Do you know what you’re having?” 

{no, it’s not….and no, I don’t know what I am having yet}

“What do you feel like you’re having?!”

{Constipation, back aches, leg cramps….Oh, gender? 50/50 chance of going either way.} 

I truly believe people have the best of intentions, and are just trying to make conversation, and I am guilty of telling pregnant women they look beautiful (because they do) even when they don’t feel it or asking them the gender, when they have no idea. So hang in there, smile, and go buy a milkshake and a super cute, flattering maternity top.

What is baby up to this week? Twisting, rolling, punching and kicking and is big enough that you might be able to feel him or her doing it!

Tip of the week: Stay well hydrated, because you may be cramping and water is a great way to alleviate cramps. Get your pregnancy pillow, noise maker, night time oils handy because sleep will get harder and harder from here on out due to your growing bod.

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