Pregnancy Blog Week 2 – The Big “O”!

I have been pregnant two times now. I thought I was pregnant a third time this past summer, and do you know why? For some reason, ovulating and the pain in my side when I am first pregnant are very similar. It is stupid and cruel. There I am, thinking I am pregnant a third time, and it is just ovulation pains. Cool, uterus…cool. Some women feel when they’re ovulating (apparently me), and others do not. But, there are signs you are prepping for ovulation and/or are already ovulating and here they are: 

#1, you are a lady

#2, you met the red devil last week

#3, you may or may not feel some dull pings in your middle. 

Pretty elusive little goings on in the bod right now. Wish I could tell you exactly what day that little sperm will meet that little egg and your life will never be the same again, but sadly, I cannot even tell between ovulation pain and baby pain in my own body. 

So, for now, it is a waiting game. If you’re trying to conceive, the next couple weeks will feel like forever. We suggest a few fun activities like eating scrambled eggs, chicken, or hamburger meat to take up the time. (Yes, these are all serious food aversions once you become pregnant if the morning sickness strikes.) If you are not trying to conceive, then you are not likely to be reading this post, and you are probably drinking tons of coffee and alcohol today. (It is a bad idea, but hey, what do you know?!)

What is your little peanut up to right now? I like to imagine he is in a super intense pinochle game with Jesus.

Tip of the week: Pregnancy multivitamin, continue to eat foods high in folic acid and full of nutrition. Don’t drive yourself crazy wondering if this is the month, it only adds stress to your body.

Baby product of the week: These will keep baby warm during the cold months, and help protect them from the elements. They might even help keep your floors clean! CLICK HERE to find out what baby product you need this week! 

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