Pregnancy Blog Week 21 – Your Little Black Belt!

Week 21 is fun, because you probably know the gender (if you found out), you still don’t look super pregnant, and you’re probably not sick. High fives self.

I remember being this far along with my first sex trophy *I mean kid* and people still not knowing I was pregnant. It was cute, they’d be like “You barely look pregnant!” or “You carry it so well! Good for you!” And I was thinking, “huh, that is awesome…I am going to be one of those gals who just looks super skinny through my whole pregnancy and not work out. I am rockin’ it. I can deal with this.” 

HEY WEEK 21 ME… HAHAHAH HARDY HAR HAR. Give yourself like 9 more weeks and you will be eating your words. I did, anyway. Sorry, ladies and gents. Looks like I have some unresolved issues with Week 21’s trickery, or more specifically, the bloated and huge third trimester I had. My wish for you is that you continue to feel great all the way through the third trimester! 

Enjoy this week. Relish in it. Take maternity pics. People won’t believe you’re pregnant. It’ll be fun. 

What is your little tot up to? 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces and becoming a black belt karate kid

Tip of the week: Enjoy feeling great, looking great, and go shopping!

Baby product of the week:  Help relieve some developing low back pain and improve your posture while on the go. Your body will thank you!  I also gave my Chiropractor some love during my pregnancy but this product (CLICK HERE) helped support me in between visits.  I used this one specifically and often gift one to a fellow mama as a “congratulations, you’re pregnant, you’ll thank me later” gift. CLICK HERE to view our Baby Logic Top Pick. 

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