Pregnancy Blog Week 23 – Enter: Stupid People

When people comment on how big or small you look, don’t take it personally. That is my tip of the week. If this is your first pregnancy, maybe you are barely showing. If this is your first pregnancy, maybe you’re all stomach and it’s super adorable and noticeable. If this is your third, people may be asking you if you should be in the hospital. The important thing to remember is, every pregnancy, every baby, every lady is different. What’s the most important is that your practitioner is comfortable with your growth and you are healthy. 

How to handle the belly touchers and unsolicited advice givers is up to you, but I think I said something like… “Shit, I have to pee again. I’ll let you ponder that inappropriate comment while I am in the bathroom.”

Another thing to consider this week is eating less sugar, because your glucose test is coming up in a few weeks where they will test you for gestational diabetes. It isn’t a huge deal, just some diet management will occur if you have it, and not eating sugar only this week won’t prevent it, sadly. I was just kidding about that at the beginning of this paragraph. It isn’t uncommon, but the testing and diet management thing isn’t super awesome so I will keep my fingers crossed for ya.

What is baby up to this week? Large Mango Status…Like super large, a fraction bigger than a coconut (that’s why I didn’t say coconut.) Can feel when you move now and become super relaxed by your soothing movements 🙂 Pretty soon baby will be in your arms as you rock her to sleep and the whole thing makes my heart burst for you.

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