Pregnancy Blog Week 24 – FOOT LONG…GET YOUR FOOT LONG!

Your baby is officially as long as a ruler! Is that crazy to think about?! A ruler, a foot long Subway sandwich, I can’t think of anything else that is a foot long right now…. Get your minds out of the gutter, we are all ladies here. 

Baby may be a foot long, but is still only a few ounces over a pound, so give those cheeks some time to fill in! And they will, I promise. Nothing is more luscious than fresh baby cheeks! Are tears rolling down your cheeks? No? Just mine, I guess…

Baby is becoming more and more sensitive to sound and is very soothed by your bodily noises. Not like farting bodily noises, more like breathing, heart beating, calming sounds, your and your spouse’s voices, so on. Maybe fart noises, I don’t know what your baby is like. My kids are obsessed with fart noises, so maybe?? Soon, baby will be on the outside looking for those noises she was once so used to in your tummy 🙂

What is baby up to? Face is formed!! How exciting is that 🙂

Tip of the week: Get familiar with some big gear brands and do your research. Here at Baby Logic, we love introducing customers to the brands we love and figuring out what works best for your lifestyle. Soon, you will need a car seat, stroller, etc!

Product of the week: CLICK HERE to see this week’s item. We suggest this one because of its adjustable heights, side lowering wall, and soothing center (comes with vibration, comforting noises and a nursing timer!). Get yo-self a good one that is accommodating and functional. You all will want a good night’s sleep…the first few months, ESPECIALLY! CLICK HERE to view our Baby Logic Top Pick. 

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