Pregnancy Blog Week 26 – Y’all ready for this?

I think it was about week 26 when I was thinking, “Holy balls…This baby has to come out at some point, and my stomach is only getting bigger.” Thus, we signed up for a bunch of classes this week. Child-birthing, breastfeeding, tours of the hospital. I would sign up for whatever you feel comfortable with because learning about the place and environment you will be giving birth in will help you prepare and meditate about the main event…Da da da da da da da  JOCK JAMS. Y’all ready for this? 

All 90’s basketball songs aside, the more comfortable you feel, the less stressed you’ll be, the better life will be. When my husband and I went to the class our hospital provided, we actually both covered our eyes during the part where baby comes out part. I actually remember saying, “What are you doing covering your eyes?? You don’t even have to do this! Watch and tell me what happens!” 

Rest assured, and I have heard a million other women say this (yes, I know a million women): as soon as baby is in your arms, you completely forget about the hard part and would do it all over again. 

What is baby up to this week? Practicing gulping and breathing movements which are so beneficial and will help in those first moments when he takes that first gulp of air!

Product of the week: Sit your booty down! Just how I encouraged you to check out nursing pillows last week, this item will serve you for years and years. Get a good quality one that cleans up easily, and doesn’t start squealing after the first six months of use. CLICK HERE to view the item of the week! 

Tip of the week: Do some research about classes in your community and sign up! Resources for before and after birth will come in handy!

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