Pregnancy Blog Week 27 – Register your Baby!

This week, I am going to give you your tip of the week right off the bat: Register!  No…not register your baby, but register for FREE S#!* so that you don’t have to buy all of those expensive baby items on your own.  Working in a baby store, one of my absolute favorite parts is watching pregnant women register. Not in a creepy way. But they look all cute with their little bumps and they walk around day dreaming about using these products with their little ones, showing it to their husbands who shrug, and add item by item to their list. 

If you don’t register, people will either have no idea what you are into, what you need, or they’ll buy you stuff they like. Guess what? Chances are, unless they’re your identical twin sister who has the exact same style as you, you won’t love it, need it, and it will end up in your baby’s closet which is already running out of room.  No clue where to start? CLICK HERE to view our Baby Registry Checklist!

Some people aren’t into buying off registries at all. I mean, why buy something the pregnant mom intricately dreamed up and placed on their list? I have heard, “There is just nothing I like on here…” so many times and it is all I can do to be like, “Oh funny, I didn’t realize it was you pushing the baby out of your peehole.” BUY THE TIRED PREGNANT LADY WHAT SHE WANTS. I’m pulling for you, mamas. *Ok, rant over.*

So, all that being said, CLICK HERE to get started on a registry on Amazon. You’ll be able to share it with all your friends, and you can get exactly what you want. Friends and family love celebrating your new arrival with you! 

What is baby up to this week? Cauliflower. Baby is the size of a cauliflower! Sleeping and waking at regular intervals. I am sorry if the wake interval is when you’re trying to sleep and the sleep interval is when you’re at work or chasing around your 2-3 year old. 

Product of the week: Babies already smell good, but nothing beats a newly bathed newbie. What more could someone ask for? CLICK HERE to discover the product of the week (and take a deep inhale).   

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