Pregnancy Blog Week 28 – THIRD TRIMESTER BABY!

Week 28 is pretty cool because….third and final trimester!  One of the crazier things to comprehend this week would be that if baby we’re born, they would probably survive because their little lungs are developed now! That whole breathing part is pretty essential to the whole living thing, so this is all very good. BUT, let’s keep that little tater cooking a little longer, yeah?

Another thing 28-week preggo moms notice is the lack of sleep. For me, and for most ladies I have talked with…the second trimester is truly a magical time where you are feeling great, showing just a little, and have this amazing glow. And the second you swap into third trimester, you are tired, large, and not in charge (of your bowels). If you can’t sleep at night, try to do something relaxing rather than stress out or deep clean. If your baby’s nursery is ready, go rock in the rocking chair. Maybe fill a bath with some essential oils and take a nice soak. The fact of the matter is, stressing about not sleeping sucks so do something better and more relaxing with your time since there are typically no expectations of you at three AM.

What is not-so-little-anymore peanut up to this week? EGGPLANT STATUS! Getting chubbier, so that wrinkly skin is becoming smoother 🙂

Tip of the week: Find ways to make you relax and rest, start tying up loose ends and grabbing those essential baby products.  

Product of the week: There are so many options in this category, with many different levels to choose from. Being a Child Passenger Safety Tech, your child’s safety is my top priority. Some things to consider are: convenience, side impact protection, safety ratings, ease of use and ease of installation. CLICK HERE to view infant options, or CLICK HERE to view convertible and all-in-one options. (We weren’t kidding when we said there were TONS of options.)

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