Pregnancy Blog Week 29 – No More Counting Sheep

Did you ever try and count sheep before you fall asleep?!  Well you don’t have to ANY MORE!! Oh, I should clarify…Not because you are going to sleep well….pfft, HELL NO!  I just mean you will be way to busy counting how many times your baby kicks the inside of your pregnant tummy that you will have no time for sheep counting anymore (but do you remember those nights when you used to sleep!?  Ahhh, those were the days).

Are you noticing baby interacting a little at this point? It is so fun and magical. You are getting a tiny preview of their personality every time they move, and you are getting a little taste of their sleep and wake schedule! Not so fun when you realize their wake time is 3 AM when you wish you were sleeping… and their sleep time is noon, when you are wide awake and have all the time in the world to sit and worry about how long it has been since they have moved last! More than likely, they are fine and are just messing with your hormonal emotions. Kids will do that to a sweet, tender-hearted, best intentioned mama…so I guess it is time to get used to it now!

Some doctors or midwifes may want you to keep a close eye on your baby’s movements and count kicks. Some women enjoy doing this and don’t get stressed out about it. That was NOT me. I decided to not count, because my baby definitely didn’t have a noticeably consistent pattern. I noticed one time my baby wasn’t quite as active as normal, so I called my doc and got a non-stress test taken. 

It turns out, my baby DID NOT like it. And it was hilarious. They monitor your baby’s heart rate while resting, and then while moving. If your baby does not want to move, the technician may rub your belly or use a buzzer to spur them a little. It turns out, she was just sleeping and she did not appreciate being woken up. She was punching and kicking in my stomach after the little buzz (nonharmful!). True to form, that is exactly how she would react today, two years later.

Tip of the week: Eat nutritious food like proteins, vitamin C, folic acids, and iron…your baby is growing so significantly and is depositing 250 mg of calcium per day on his hardening skeleton!

What is peanut up to? Butternut Squash! 2 and a half pounds!! Go weigh a squash at the supermarket so you can tell their size :) 

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