Pregnancy Blog Week 3 – N/A Wine and Beer

“Do you feel pregnant?” 

Has your husband/boyfriend/significant other asked you this? 

You can officially tell them that you do…and to stop asking. 

You made dat baby. Congratulations! Pour yourself a glass of wine and celebrate… Wait. Don’t do that. It’ll be a long time before you enjoy a glass of wine…

(Alternative that I loved: cranberry juice, seltzer and a splash of lemon…and cheese and cookies and cereal and peanut butter and buttered noodles and…you get it.)

Although, you are preggers, your baby is a clump of cells at this point. This clump of cells will implant into the lining of your uterus, and there is no turning back. Cramping and minor spotting are normal at this point. Let the pain begin! I am so happy for you. And also scared. I am scared for you, too. But, also happy. OMG, all these emotions for you! Maybe I am pregnant, too?! 

Worth noting: If you take a home pregnancy test, realize that it may be a false negative. It still is a tad early. Take another after you miss your period next week.

What is little peanut up to? Working really hard to implant into your tummy, where his home will be for a while. Cherish it, ladies. It is magical. 

Tip of the week: Keep taking your pregnancy multivitamin, don’t drink, it really nutritious foods, take it easy.

Baby product of the week: PREGGIE POPS DROPS. You’ll thank me in about a week for scooping these bad boys up.  CLICK HERE to get yours and get rid of some nausea. 

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